Thursday, 6 April 2006 00:34:29

Hoorah! The project I’ve been working furiously on, and was so stressed about got put on hold yesterday awaiting revision. This means I’m off the case and now officially able to rest up before the birth. No more putting in silly hours at the office for me.

Today I had a good long lie in and I’m back to having ankles again. I also selected a paediatric practice who will be able to visit Sam in the hospital and then become his doctors, and took delivery of our fridge-freezer.

Sorting out the doctor for Sam was very confusing. In the end I just did a search on the insurance website for doctors with offices at Piedmont Hospital and printed that list that. Bill then happened to be overheard by a young mum he works with talking about looking for a paediatriacian and the one she goes to and recommended strongly just happened to be on my list.

Added to this the doctor I saw on Monday said that when she was pregnant she didn’t dwell too much on finding a doctor either, she sort of remembered at the last minute and ended up phoning a friend who happens to work two floors above the OB GYN offices. Looking at the addresses I printed out this also seems to be a match for Piedmont Paediatrics, so I have a pretty good feeling about that practice.

Having made this decision I phoned them up to see if they are accepting new patients and got very confused as it seems standard practice here is to make an appointment with the doctor to see if you like them, almost like an interview. Weird. So, I was asked to make an appointment for a meet and greet, only to then be told that they are booked up anyway. Not really a problem for me as honestly I’m not used to having choice of practitioner and I’m not entirely sure how paediatricians are going to vary anyway. All a bit too touchy feely for my liking. I mean, as long Sam is looked after then I’m happy, and I’m sure whichever doctor I choose isn’t always going to be available anyway. In the end it was left that I just need to tell the hospital nurses that I’ll be going to use this particular practice, and then whoever is on call will visit Sam at the hospital, following which I’ll then just need to schedule his continuing care by making an appointment. Phew. Can cross that off the list now.

The new fridge arrived this afternoon, it’s big and shiny, but…hoorah it fits in the kitchen! ‘Tis a little overwhelming, but I’m glad we bought a silver one as anything else would have really been oppressive in that little space. When Bill got home we took a celebratory trip to Whole Foods to stock up on tasty treats. I’m now currently salivating at the thought of my Tofurkey sausages I’m going to have for lunch tomorrow.

Being obviously pregnant also has its benefits because the delivery guys weren’t supposed to touch the old unit, it clearly says on the receipt that delivery will not cover removal of the old appliance, but they did so anyway as a favour to bump. I hesitantly asked if they wouldn’t mind helping me out by using the trolley to just get it out of the house and onto the drive for me, and they went that one step further and took it away completely for disposal. Yay! Was so happy to be able to call Bill and tell him that that was dealt with, one less thing for him to worry about too, and that made him happy too.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to be able to start to tackle the backlog of cleaning around the house. I’m hoping if I can address a little bit at a time that maybe this house will by more homely again in time for Sam’s arrival. Wish me luck, though I think I’ll need longer than a mere few weeks. I’m so glad I can concentrate on straightening things up here now though, and not have to worry about doing things for other people. Oh crap! That reminds me, I do have a couple of freelance web tasks I need to sort out for some folks. *sigh*

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