Adventures in nappy changing

First of all, congratulations to Mitsu and Julie who both correctly predicted Samuel’s birthday:

“I’ll go for April 27th ;P That’s just a few days early, but April 27th is a lucky day for me *hehehehe*” – Mitsu

“Ok – I had a dream that Sam arrived on Thursday – can’t quite remember all of the details, but I do remember the Thursday part so maybe this thursday you will get a bit of relief!” – Julie

Pip ray! Pip ray! Pip ray! Well done girls! 🙂


This morning I finished feeding Sam and we were sat in bed snuggling when I gazed down at his little concerned, frowning face and burst into tears. I’m just so happy.

I can’t believe he’s already five days old, time is just flying past in a whirl of feedings, naps, nappy changes and cuddles. Bill and I are both exhausted but very content.

Yesterday, as I was changing his nappy, Sam had me in fits of giggles combined with horror. As little boys are wont to pee on their mums as they are being changed I had carefully placed a cloth over his willy just in case he turned on the waterworks. I cleaned him up and was just putting a fresh nappy on him when the event I was anticipating happened …except, the explosion came from his bottom. Poop shot out all over the place rather like a muck spreader at full pelt. Frantically I grabbed the cloth covering his dignity and squealed in surprise as a fountain erupted there too! Bill heard me shout and came running to help with more cleaning supplies, and as we were working on getting him cleaned up again he put on an encore! What a treasure!

As a result of this mayhem Sam got his first sponge bath at home in the middle of last night. He wasn’t at all happy about this and made sure we knew it by bawling his lungs out the entire time he was in the tub.

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