Meeting Dr Koenig

Sam had his first visit to the paediatrician yesterday. Somehow we managed to get up and make it to our 10:30 appointment. I sat in the back with Sam on the way there and watched him sway and gurgle in his car seat. Bill made me sit in the front on the way back though and I didn’t like that at all. Bill had a mirror set up so he could look in the rear view mirror and keep an eye on Sam, but I couldn’t get a glimpse of him at all. Was horrid not being able to see Sam and terrible when he started to cry as there was nothing I could do.

Newborns get priority at the doctors so there was no waiting and we were whisked into an available room so that he wouldn’t have to hang out in the waiting room with any sick children and pick up their germs.

We were a little surprised when the doctor walked in as it wasn’t who we expected. We’d met the paediatrician at the hospital and thought that she was Dr Koenig, however, when Dr Koenig entered the room it wasn’t the same lady. She was still very nice though and we felt comfortable with her looking after our cute little baby.

The surgery wasn’t quite what I expected. I had thought that as they specialise in paediatrics that maybe the rooms would be more colourful, decorated and child friendly. Instead they seemed quite stark and just had the odd scattering of posters (btw am I the only one who abhors Anne Geddes posters?) and piles of children’s toys and books in corners. On all the doors though they had photo collages of hundreds of children. Bill liked that.

Sam got weighed and is already back up to his birth weight after only six days. When we left the hospital he had dropped down to 7lb 3oz so that is great news as it means he is feeding well and my breastfeeding is giving him all the nutrition he needs. Hoorah!

He certainly has no problems feeding and when put to breast he zooms in like a heat seeking missile and clamps on like a limpet. His nose burrowed into my breast, he then closes his eyes and gets his milk drunk going. Every so often between sucks he’ll slightly open those beautiful eyes of his and give me a sneaky sideways squint that just makes me melt.

Dr Koenig was very happy with Sam having checked him over. His slight jaundice is greatly improved. We were a little concerned about that as we’d been told to keep him by a sunny window to help that to clear, but our house is so dismal due to all the trees that totally block out any trace of daylight that we couldn’t actually find a suitable spot for him. Apparently breastfeeding also helps to flush out the toxins though so he’s perfectly healthy.

The trip to the doctors was surprisingly quick. He was given a once over and that was it really. “Come back in a month.”

Bill and I then decided to drive over to the baby store to purchase a changing mat for the table in the nursery. I’d been getting quite anxious changing him as the surface was so hard and he’s such a little wriggler I was scared he would launch himself off the table even with me there holding him. We found a pad that has four walls to contain him and now I feel much better. I think Sam does too because we have no more tears at nappy change time.

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