Sam sees the Pediatrician

Sam had his second visit to see Dr Koenig today. Thankfully it was an afternoon appointment this time and so we had plenty of time to get ready to go out and pull ourselves together. Getting Sam dressed, fed, changed, fed again, changed and out of the house is a major feat at the moment. Having to do this whilst aiming to be somewhere at a specific time is a challenge.

The boy and I did well though and we did make it to the doctor’s, and we were amazingly on time. (Though getting into the car and finding it out of petrol didn’t help!)

Once again Sam was directed out of the waiting room and straight into a room where I was asked to undress him to his nappy and wait for the doctor. Sam didn’t seem to mind the indignity and had a good time wriggling around on the bed.

He was weighed: 9lbs 9oz
He was measured: 21.5 inches
He was examined: passed with flying colours

Dr Koenig was very happy with Sam’s progress and everything was well. She did tell me that as I’m exclusively breast feeding that I should supplement his diet with vitamin D it is needed for healthy bones and breast milk doesn’t contain this. Of course, like a dutiful mum I went straight out and bought some. However, I then did some research of my own and found a bit of a discrepancy in what I was told. Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin (it was wrongly classified) but a steroid hormone and it isn’t generally found in foods anyway. Your skin actually makes and stores it when it’s exposed to sunlight. In the US it seems that cow’s milk is pumped full of the stuff as a matter of course but really you ought to be able to get what you need by going out and about in daylight.

Also, online breast feeding communities seem to get very outraged when told to supplement with vitamin D but I can’t work out why this is. Whether they are just frustrated at the incomplete reasons they are given (ie vitamin D needing to given orally and breast milk considered inferior to formula on this point) or whether supplementing a breast fed baby is considered a no no. So, I’m confused and hope I remember to query Dr Koenig when I see her next. Speaking of which, next time Sam goes to his doctor he gets his first jabs.


After our visit to the doctor Sam and I went to see Daddy at his work. That was great and Bill really seemed to enjoy playing the proud father and showing Sam off to all his workmates. It was really good to get out of the house and see everyone too.


Argh! When I stopped for petrol during the day I must have dropped my debit card. I noticed it was missing when I went to pay for a coffee and it was nowhere to be found.

After searching high and low and calling the petrol station I admitted defeat and cancelled the card with the bank. Just as I did this weirdness happened. I got a call on our home number from someone who said he’d found my card on the forecourt. Instead of handing it in to the station employees he’d walked off with it and somehow managed to trace our phone number.

I have no idea how he tracked us down and am a little freaked out because I drew a complete blank later when I tried to google to see if I could pull up our phone number using just the information on my bank card. Very odd and rather disturbing.

The guy on the phone was very peculiar too and very hard to understand. Bill had an odd conversation with him and got very aggravated as although I’m sure he was trying to be genuinely helpful the circumstances raised our guard and made us very suspicious. I ended up thanking him and asking him to destroy the card as it was cancelled and useless now anyway.

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