Being so far away from my mum and dad is horrible. I wish that they could be here to see little Samuel and give him cuddles too. I’m very glad we have webcams though because at least I’ve been able to show off Sam and they can see him wriggling around online. Doesn’t make up for being in the same room, but it’s a start. For the moment this is Sam’s only contact with Nanna and Grandad Downes and it’s very hard having them confined to a little box on screen, especially when you can see how enthralled they are by their first grandchild.

We’ve been on cam practically every day since Sam was born, so Sam and I sorely missed Sammycam with Nanna and Grandad today. I’m afraid the internet was down all day and I couldn’t get online or use the phone, so no wriggling on camera for the grandparents.

We were pretty occupied today though. It was my second day at home alone with the boy as Bill has now had to go back to work. We missed Daddy tremendously but Sam and I have been coping fairly well I think. Sam is a treasure.

My only concern is that I tend to forget about feeding myself during the day and then end up bingeing during the evening. Must try to do better about that.

I just feel so tired and thirsty all the time at the moment. As soon as I pick Sam up to feed the thirst comes and I am guzzling copious amounts of water.

I have been managing to get a good amount of sleep considering though, just in brief packets. My day pretty much consisted of feeding Sam, changing his nappies, snuggling and then trying to grab a nap while he snoozes between feeds. I tend to do a lot of face gazing too. I still can’t quite believe he’s here, he’s ours and he’s here to stay. He’s beautiful and I just go all gooey looking at him.

Sam did a magic trick today. I’ve bought a few cloth nappies to trial to see how we get on using them. This afternoon I thought I’d just try one on him for size. I fastened it up and quickly concluded that I should wait until his umbilical cord has dropped off before really using them as it looked like the fabric would rub there at the moment. I went to replace it with the disposable Pampers Swaddler and was amazed when I unsnapped the poppers to reveal a mountain of fresh yellow poop! *blinks* I’d not even taken a minute to test the nappy and Sam hadn’t given any indication that he was doing his business. Quite the magician, clever Sam!

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