unable to broadcast

I’m afraid Sammycam is out of action at the moment. We’ve tried everything we can think of to get up and running again but aren’t getting anywhere. When I launch the cam you can see the bandwidth meter register and then within seconds it drops down to zero and we lose the broadcast. We have several cams and two computers, none of them work at the moment. Same symptoms. We even bypassed the router to take that out of the equation this evening and still can’t get them working. I’m fed up with it.

I can’t even connect to mum and dad’s webcam at the moment so it must be something Comcast’s end and I’m not looking forward to having to speak to them again. The cams have been down since we had a storm on Friday evening and the power kept flicking on and off, maybe that’s connected?


I had a very tiring day today, and for no real reason. I was just terribly sleepy and frazzled. Sam had his moments today too, a couple of which resulted in bath time for him and changes of clothes for both of us. I was so glad when Bill got home from work tonight and I could hand him over. I got to have a snooze without worrying about having to look after the sproglet, and then when I woke up I got the use of both arms back. Of course, then instead of taking advantage of this all I wanted to do was curl up with the little chap and give him a cuddle.

Sam is really loving his mobile that I made for him at the moment. He especially seems to like the zebra as you can see his eyes really track that one as it goes around in circles above his head. Every so often he’ll also emit a coo and wave his arms around.

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