A gossip of mums.

A bit of a record for me today. It’s now been two days in a row that I’ve managed to get up, get Sam ready and be out of the house by ten to go for a walk. Not bad at all.

This time Sam and I were excited to go meet up with some of the mums from the mother’s group I’ve been going to at Dekalb Medical Centre. As we were heading over to the car park after the last meeting, one of the other mums and I decided that it’d be nice to get out of the house and go for a walk in the park. We arranged to meet up at Piedmont Park in the morning and sent an email to all the other mums and babies inviting them along too, the more the merrier. We were pleased to get quite a good turnout and had a lot of fun as our little stroller brigade meandered through the park grounds.

One of the ladies I’ve met at this group actually lives just down the road from me so she offered to put Sam’s seat in her car and carpool. Hoorah! That worked out really well.

We all met in the car park and, once gathered, nattered our way along the paths. It was a lovely morning and we’ve arranged to meet up next week too; same time, same place.

Tomorrow should be another active morning for Sam and I as we’ll hopefully be heading to the YMCA to attend the “mommy and me” fitness class. I went for the first time a fortnight ago (4th July got in the way last week and the Y was closed) and had a great time. I was a little nervous but am so glad I went. There were only a couple of other mums there that week (I guess many people had taken the opportunity to go on holiday) but everyone was very nice and the instructor, Rita, was lovely. It was very relaxed and I can’t say it was particularly great exercise but it was wonderful to have something else to get out of the house for with Sam that doesn’t involve shopping.

Rita’s son, Stanley, was toddling around as she showed us what to do and the class was quite amusing. One of the exercises involved doing press ups with your baby beneath you and when you lowered down you had to give baby a big kiss. Sam liked that!

Ugh, this afternoon when we were dropped off after our outing I don’t know what on earth was upsetting our little chap but he was a misery most of the afternoon. My ears have been assaulted. He cried and cried and was inconsolable. I guess he was maybe overly tired as although he had a snooze in his stroller while we were walking it must have been a lot for him to take in, and then this afternoon he barely napped at all. I’ve just managed to get him to calm down and lay in his cot without crying. Now of course he’s being all angelic again and it’s hard to believe he was such a grump earlier. Here he is, with his best friend Baddit Jr, being easily enthralled by the mobile again.

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