Sunday morning at Sweetwater

Somehow Bill managed to prise me from my bed early yesterday morning and we loaded the dogs and the frog into the car and set out to Sweetwater Creek State Park for a stroll before the sun got too high and started to scorch Georgia once more.

As Sam is doing so well at holding his head steady I decided to start off by trying him in his Baby Bjorn carrier facing forward for the first time. Usually he curls up on my chest and falls asleep immediately, but facing forward he got very excited and stared around wide eyed and open mouthed.

It wasn’t long before I felt like I was in that old comedy sketch with the aliens who just point at everything and say “tree!” Any ideas what I’m on about? Can’t fully remember what that was but I was certainly living it yesterday.

We walked along the trail up to the New Manchester mill and then continued along the path and climbed up into the hills before winding back down to the riverside once more. In places the path was very broken up with hefty tree roots which I had to carefully navigate, or granite boulders which we had to scramble over. This was tricky with Sam fastened to my front as it was hard to see where I was treading. Bill also had his problems as he had to deal with two excited dogs trying to trip him up with their leads.

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