Sam gets his feet wet, and his tummy, and his ears.

This morning should have been spent at the YMCA in the mommy and me class doing light weight training, with baby as the weight. We didn’t actually make it there though because Sam decided he was hungry and so we snuggled up together and the next thing we knew the class would’ve been over.

It was a heavenly morning, there is nothing better than lying down with Sam snuzzled up against me. Usually he’s a very active child and not at all cuddly. He is always wriggling and trying to hold him is a workout as I get kicked, punched, scratched and pummeled. On these occasions though he does lie still and becomes very cuddly indeed. Bliss. I can look down and he looks back at me with great contentment.

So, no YMCA for us, but last week we did manage to make it down there. Natalie and Presley also went to that class and afterwards we decided to take the babies for their first taste of swimming. I’d bought Sam a pair of swimming diapers disguised as trunks from Target (red with little dinosaurs on them) and was really excited about getting him into the water.

Changing was tricky. Although we were able to use the little family rooms trying to get changed myself while making sure Sam was happy and didn’t tumble from his perch on the changing table was pretty difficult. I could’ve easily used another pair of hands. What didn’t help was that the toilet is one of those automatic flushing ones and it kept going off randomly, each time causing Sam to start and to burst into floods of tears and wails.

Eventually we made it, both of us dressed in cossies and ready to hit the water. I’m somewhat skeptical about Sam’s trunks, specifically their ability to actually be able to keep a blow out in, but they are required wear so I guess they should do the job. The entire time he was wearing them I just kept everything crossed and hoped for the best.

We met Nat and Presley and all ventured out into the mini kiddie pool. They have three areas of pool at the Y, all are part of the same big pool but have very different depths. We went to “the beach”

It was a little disappointing to be honest. My excitement to take Sam swimming was fueled by my memories of Mum and Dad taking us to the pool in Swansea. The kiddie pool there always seemed so warm and preferable to the adult pool. There was a great Jungle Book mural on the walls and amidst the arm bands and chlorine I have great fuzzy memories of going swimming there before the thrill of graduating to the big pool. The Y just didn’t really do it for me. For a start the water was cold. I wasn’t really expecting that as every other children’s pool I’ve been in has had extra heating to take the chill off the water. Not so here, we weren’t able to stay in the water for very long at all because poor Sam started to turn blue.

Also, when I’ve been length swimming there I’d noticed how clinical the room seems, but this really struck me when I took Sam into the water. There was nothing at all to engage a small child and make swimming cosy at all. How dull.

When we got into the water Sam was far more interested in what was going on in the main pool than in the water itself. He was keenly watching all the people over there.

We did have a bit of a splash about before Sam got too cold, and he did a great job of being bemused by the whole malarkey.

2 Responses to Sam gets his feet wet, and his tummy, and his ears.

  1. ashridge August 9, 2006 at 10:00 pm #

    Surfer Boy!

    Eh dude..just love your baggies!

    Can’t wait to take you surfing grandson.

  2. ashridge August 9, 2006 at 10:00 pm #

    Surfer Boy!

    Eh dude..just love your baggies!

    Can’t wait to take you surfing grandson.

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