Sleeping Sam

I made some window panels for the bedroom last week and they’ve really made the room seem a lot more pleasant. The other afternoon I took all the pillows and duvet off the bed and played with Sam on the soft surface, until exhausted, he fell asleep.

He’s such a tease. Last Friday Granma and Granpa came to get some Sammytime and while they were here they were able to witness some of his first rolls from his back to his front. That day it seemed that every time I put Sam down he would flip over onto his tummy. This was pretty funny as he’d be gurgling away, really happy to get over onto his stomach, but then he’d seem to remember that he doesn’t like being on his tummy and the water works would start! I was so excited, proud of him and thought it was so great that he had reached this milestone in front of his grandparents. However, since then he’s not done a repeat performance. He’ll hoist his legs in the air, get onto his side, and then just as you think he’s about to finish the move he’ll stick his fist in his mouth and give up.

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