Five months old

Sam was five months old on Wednesday and the poor chap is already experiencing girl trouble. He already has his female admirers, though we suspect they only want him for his possessions. The flower Nanna bought him when he visited her is proving quite a hit with the ladies.

“Officer! I’d like to report a theft!”

Our little froggy is now 15.09lbs and everyday I can literally see his personality and motor skills develop. This week he has started to sit up on his own. Although he’s still a little unstable and I have to hover ready to catch him when he inevitably topples, he can quite happily sit straight up for a stretch and look around at his surroundings. He can also hurtle across the room on his tummy if I take my eyes off him for a second and I’m constantly picking him up and placing him back onto his play mat. He’s not crawling yet but today I watched him really bring his rear up and go onto all fours. Normally he just pushes up on his hands and hasn’t worked out that he needs to coordinate his legs and get his bottom off the floor too. It’s funny when he tries to hoist himself along, then seems to give up and rocks on his tummy with both arms and legs waving in the air.

It’s been a fantastic five months with froggy, I love him so much. Happy anniversary my beautiful little boy!

Sam wriggling around at our weekly stroll on Mondays in the park. The grass was too wet that day, but as Sam and his friends are a lot more coordinated now we didn’t feel too worried about putting the blankets down on the gazebo.

Today we walked into EAV with Sam’s little girlfriend from up the road and enjoyed a nice lunch on the Flat Iron patio. Then when daddy got home from work we went as a family to the Y. Daddy went to use the gym while I took Sam into the swimming pool and we went for a splash. The water seemed a lot warmer this time but good grief the centre was chilly. Luckily I learnt from my past experience and had a couple of towels on hand to wrap Sam up snugly.

With Sam wearing his natty new arm bands I felt comfortable taking him into the deeper water where I could stand up myself and guide him around the pool more easily. We had lots of fun. At least I did. I hope Sam was okay. He wasn’t unhappy, but sometimes he can seem terribly serious and wide eyed.

Sam kept trying to dip his head into the water and every time came back up with the most surprised look on his face. Couldn’t have been too bad though because he kept doing it again. We also found a blue plastic ball to chase around the pool and made great friends with a large yellow pool noodle.

2 Responses to Five months old

  1. ashridge October 1, 2006 at 8:18 am #

    Is that a skunk I see before me?….no wonder the ladies prefer the flower!

  2. ashridge October 1, 2006 at 8:18 am #

    Is that a skunk I see before me?….no wonder the ladies prefer the flower!

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