A Busy Weekend Missing Perdie

It’s been a sad weekend without my favourite little blue car. We were driving home from the Farmer’s Market on Thursday night when the Check Engine light came on and I ended up taking her to the dealership on Friday. After turning the customer lounge into a nursery for a few hours the verdict came back that she couldn’t be fixed that day and we were sent home with a loaner. We’ve been driving around in the courtesy Mazda 6 since then and I don’t like it. I want Perdie back!

After two years of wanting a new sofa, actually a sofa, but financial circumstances constantly thwarting us (no Christmas bonus, redundancy, car repairs, fridge breakdown, etc etc) Bill decided enough was enough and so we went shopping (no Hash – can’t seem to load the site to see where the start is at the moment). We went to one shop on Saturday and amazingly within half an hour we’d arranged for a delivery at the end of the week. Bill caught me on a weak moment and I caved over letting him have the leather sofa he’s always apparently dreamed of. Before I could change my mind his card was swiped and he had a happy grin on his face. We drove over to Mary’s house this afternoon and to borrow a little device to stop the dogs from getting comfortable on the new furniture when it arrives.

We were planning on going down to Milledgeville today to see how Bill’s mom is doing after her surgery. Unfortunately after speaking to his Dad we were advised to leave it for a while as Fran is being naughty and overdoing it a bit and visitors might have been a bit much for her at the moment. Depressingly Bill’d already filled up the loaner’s petrol tank ready for the trip and so as they had only given it to us with a quarter of a tank we felt that we really ought to at least make the most of the petrol we’d put in her and get into the country for the day.

We bundled Sam out and went over Mary’s way to Hard Labour Creek to see the Autumn colours. We didn’t see any beavers, or lake, on the Beaver Lake Trail, but it was lovely to get out and take a family walk.

Hungry, we stopped in Rutledge and were happy to find a cafe open on a Sunday. We enjoyed a tasty lunch and I indulged in some jalapeno poppers. Disaster struck when Sam exploded on Bill and we discovered that we only had one wipe with us. Bill coped admirably with the situation and deftly whipped Sam away into the bathroom and sorted out the mess while I leisurely finished my meal. Hoorah!

As we were so close to Mary and Hank’s we then decided to drop by to see if anyone was home. Turned out that Mary was riding in Kentucky and Hank should’ve been there with her instead of hobbling around at the house with the dogs. The poor guy had fallen off his horse and really hurt himself. Thankfully the first doctor’s opinion of a broken back proved to be incorrect and he is taking it easy trying to recover. Poor Hank is so accident prone it is ridiculous. Sam hopes you liked his free display showing off all his latest tricks and says “Feel better soon Uncle Hank!”

Back at the house it looks like Bill and I are in for another bumpy night. Sam seems to be in full blown teething mode and is unable to stay in his cot for more than a few hours without waking up and bawling and screaming in distress. I am getting really sore from trying to comfort him back down to more reasonable levels of screaming. We’re pretty sure that teething is the culprit here because apart from the fact that his bottom gum now feels like a sharp razor, if you shine a torch into his mouth and are lucky enough to get Sam to shift his tongue, you can just make out a tiny little tooth protruding through the surface.

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