It's Christmas!

Or at least it was at the beginning of the week. I loved putting Sam to bed on Christmas Eve, finding all the presents I’d stashed around the house and making a huge pile of them beneath the purple Christmas tree.

Sam was all over any present he could find in the run up to Christmas. All the wrapped presents we had for family had pretty much been uncovered and mauled. Finding safe hiding places where he couldn’t reach and pull at the paper was seemingly impossible. Of course, on Christmas morning when it was time for him to actually be allowed to crawl all over his own presents and tear them apart, he showed no interest whatsoever. Typical.

Bill and I really enjoyed helping Sam to open all his lovely gifts. He was such a lucky boy and got a good haul of great presents. The first gift he opened was from Nanna and Grandad Downes and was an immediate winner. So much so that he could barely wait for me to race around the house trying to find instruments with which to prise the toy from its box. Good grief, it was ridiculous, the thing was even screwed into the container! Sam had been given a little farm tractor and trailer carrying farmyard animals. It plays “Old MacDonald,” and the animals make appropriate noises. From the moment he unwrapped it, Sam didn’t have eyes for anything else.

Bill and I got the boy a Megablox dumper truck containing large Lego like bricks, a Tupperware shape sorter just like the one I used to have, and a new pair of swimming trunks. Bill couldn’t resist playing Santa and added a little footy ball to his horde, while I sneaked in a pair of brown furry slippers to keep his feet warm.

Nanna and Grandad also gave Sammy a lovely cosy Parka to wear, a great pair of camo dungarees, some matching boots, a triangular teether (which he loves to chew on) and a set of Spot the Dog books. I’m especially trying to list everything from them because the parcel did arrive open and badly damaged, so I do hope we didn’t lose anything along the way?

From cousins Julia and Maxx, Sam got a set of Fisher Price Round-a-blocks that fit into a gumball machine. He hasn’t quite got the right idea with that yet, but we’re working on it. He’s supposed to push a lever which releases a ball down a chute and sets lights and music going. Sam can’t be bothered with this though and sends balls scattering by turning it upside down instead.

This evening Sam enjoyed the story of Mr Christmas thanks to Melly and Sy, and his Sax has been removed for a time out because the crazy instrument has no off switch! Thanks guys! 😉

Phew, Sam had a lot to open. I told you he was lucky.

After speaking to England we then piled into Bessie and made our way down to Milledgeville.

2 Responses to It's Christmas!

  1. ashridge December 29, 2006 at 1:43 pm #

    Parp parp

    Sam’s first car! I like it.mum x

  2. ashridge December 29, 2006 at 1:43 pm #

    Parp parp

    Sam’s first car! I like it.mum x

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