A great time with hubs.

It was fabulous to have Bill at home over Christmas and up til the New Year. I’m missing him like crazy during the day again now though. It’s strange to get back to just being Sam and I alone in the house again.

Sorry to post all the Crimble updates in dribs and drabs but it’s hard to find time in between crazy Sam sessions, and then I also have to be in the right mood myself.

So, let’s do a quick back track to the second day of Bill’s holiday. That would be the 23rd December, a very special day for us Allens because it marked Bill’s birthday and our third wedding anniversary. Hoorah! (*Muah!* to my hubby!)

At midnight we celebrated with a Bill sized glass of Bailey’s each (mmmm he’s rather generous with his portions) and I got a big surprise when Bill presented me with an anniversary gift. I was not expecting that at all and was even more excited when he pointed to the largest parcel nestled beneath the Christmas tree. Inside was a fab piece of artwork by local artist R Land called “Kittens and binkie” showing seven cute as pie kitties playing on a duvet. It’s now hanging proudly above the sofa in the living room. Thank you babe!

For Bill’s birthday I was somewhat less extravagant, but I hope he appreciated the effort I put into his gift. Bill always talks about these wonderful cookies his grandma used to make every Christmas, package in cereal boxes and mail to his family. He describes them as sugar cookies with garishly colourful hard icing decorating them, and declares them to be his favourite, ever. So, I spoke to his sister, Mary, and managed to get the recipe from her. While Bill was at work I cooked up a batch and put them inside a ceramic snowman cookie jar for him. I know he certainly wasn’t expecting that as a birthday present, and made very complimentary noises as he devoured them.

On the actual day we went out to Mary’s for the Battle of Madison. All togged up in our best camo gear friends and family marched out to the local paintball centre to shoot each other.

Julie and her kids were down from Chicago for Christmas. She and I took turns to play and look after Sammy in the safe zone. I love to shoot at other people and snipe from spots where I can bed down nicely. I have a strong aversion to getting shot myself though and can happily say that I managed to completely avoid getting clobbered. I think my best moment was when I splatted Donnie on the side of his head when he popped up like a meer cat in front of my.

Worst moment was having Maxx next to me attempting to transfer ammo from one gun to another. He was juggling them around and kept pointing the barrel towards me at point blank range. I kept telling him to point it away but he was too intent on what he was doing. Made me very nervous. To top it off I was out of ammo myself and could only watch when a member of the other team sauntered past and up to our base with the flag. Bah!

Oooh it was also really impressive to watch Bill craftily slither on his tummy down the hill towards the enemy camp. Nice job babe!

Back at Camp Leslie sadly the Flowers’ had to race off to their dad’s house. This was a shame because Mary had brought in a nice load of food for everyone only to find that most people didn’t stay to eat it. My offering of a plate of profiteroles went down really well and I had to promise to make another batch for Christmas Day.

Bill’s folks turned up while we were shooting each other in the woods and came bearing a delicious cake for Bill, complete with candles. I’m pretty sure that topped off a really great day for the birthday boy.

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