Boxing Day

On Bill’s birthday night I’d already stayed up late with the Brownies to ensure that our house was so spotless our Christmas could be enjoyed in comfort.

Hehe, imagine Bill’s surprise when he woke up expecting to spend a day of his hard earned break cleaning the house, only to find that the Brownies had magically beaten him to it in the early hours.  

This meant that come Boxing day, the dining table was clear of clutter and could actually be laid, with a table cloth, mats and all the trimmings. I know, it’s okay, I’m not ill and I don’t have a temperature. I even made an impromptu table decoration out of the lovely Crimble candle Melly and Sy sent me and we had a festive off-centrepiece (had to be out of Sam’s eager reach!).

Delia Smith and I merrily slaved away over the stove for hours and then with everything cooked and laid out to rest in the warming drawer Bill and I went up the road to visit Natalie, Mike and Pres for some baby playtime. We got to meet her folks and say hello while Presley got to show off all her new toys. Sam and Presley have so much fun together and it was lovely for Bill to get to see Sam interact with another baby his own age.

Returning home the dinner was now perfectly done and so Bill, Sam and I sat down to an impressive array of roast tattys, parsnips, brussel sprouts. For my boys I had even set my no meat policy to one side, closed my eyes and had done a roast chicken.

That night we pulled crackers, wore the silly paper hats, and Sam even had his own first plate of table food.

It was so wonderful, a proper family Christmas meal. Hoorah!

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