Christmas Day part two.

I think I left Christmas Day as we were driving down to Milledgeville via Camp Leslie in order to pick up a big present for “Sam.”

Poor Bill was probably feeling a little hard done by as we left Atlanta after opening all the presents as he’d only got a case of Virgil’s Root Beer and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup from me. I’d completely sold him on the idea that I’d failed miserably to get him any proper presents and he’d promised to forgive me if only he could hold it against me for the rest of my life.

Imagine Bill’s surprise when it came time to open the gift for Sam only to be told the label was actually a total lie and the pressie was really for him. Ho Ho Ho I really wish I’d had a camera trained on hubby as he tore the wrapping off his parcel and found this inside:

“It’s Quincy!”

Yes, my super duper ultimate present to Bill for Christmas this year was a portrait of his beloved pooch, painted for him by his sister. Little did he know that Mary and I had been plotting for months and months to accomplish this and I now owe her a damn good website redesign. Yup, I think I was quite entitled to take off that dunce hat and head straight to the top of the class with that one. Hoorah!

Once the Flowers’ flooded back into the house having visited their Dad, Christmas certainly livened up. Mary also made it over in the evening and the house was filled with warmth and cheer.

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