11 months

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One hour and forty minutes ago our little Sam turned 11 months old. He’s actually having a party to celebrate his first birthday with three of his baby friends this coming Sunday. They are all March babies so the party will be a little premature for Sam, but it’s close enough and we thought celebrating together with his friends would be so much fun. Presley is going to be one year old tomorrow, followed by Isabella, and then Sean…Happy first Birthday babies!

My laptop, Ed, is currently missing a down cursor key and apparently his browser homepage is set to http://ntyghn%20-0%5bp’-%5bp;/ but I still love my mischievous little Froggy.


On Sunday we were invited over to Martha Screw-It’s house for an after ING marathon lunch with all the keenies who actually did either the half or full run. Sam accompanied me and had a grand time making his new hedgehog one piece into a right state by tipping a glass of water down his front and then rolling in mud and grass. He camped out by the cooler and every time someone went to retrieve a beer he’d dive into the box and pull out a cold bevvy of his own. I tried giving him some ice to suck on as a distraction and although it didn’t really help it was certainly funny to watch.


Actually, he did really well with that beaker of water. I can’t believe I forget to pack his sippy cup so I had to give him a plastic cup to quench his thirst. He was so excited and was highly entertaining slurping water everywhere.

Today he also had another little mini milestone. I gave him his dinner of mashed rice porridge, carrots and sweet potato and just handed him the spoon. He was a total mess within seconds as he first attempted to dive straight into the bowl with his fists, but he did then absolutely amaze me by managing to fill his spoon, and then stick the right end into his mouth and suck the goop off like it was a lollipop. Good job Sam!

He also ransacked my green bag this morning, pulled out the little pot of snacks I carry with me and prised the lid off before throwing the contents over the floor. I found him surrounded by Cheerios and Goldfish, but mainly Goldfish. I guess he doesn’t like those so much judging by the fact that when he picked one of those crackers up he would make a face and fling it across the room!

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  1. ashridge March 28, 2007 at 1:39 pm #

    Happy Eleven Months old Sammy

  2. ashridge March 28, 2007 at 1:39 pm #

    Happy Eleven Months old Sammy

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