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Natalie and Presley asked us to check in on their dogs while they are out of town visiting relatives. Once I had carefully scoured the sand for bugs as Bill scared me with his tales of how sandpits are favourite hideouts for black widows, Sam took the opportunity to explore Presley’s sandpit.

This week I have made huge headway in our front yard. It took me all week but I’ve now got most of the indestructible oak leaves bagged up and waiting yard waste collection. I lost count at around 40 bags.

Yesterday, I was then able to make a start weeding my flower bed and started trying to decide how to reorganise it a bit so that the plants can be happier there. It’s still a bit sad out there at the moment and I’m exhausted, but the front yard and garden is looking much tidier now.

Bill’s out mowing the dirt farm now and I think he’s going to try to get some grass seed sown out there again. I hope we have better luck than last time, though we’re trying a different type of grass seed (centipede) so fingers crossed.

Oh, and yesterday when I was in the driveway I saw two deer charge across the road coming from Sylvester Cemetery and disappear into the overgrowth down behind our house. I went into the back garden to try to see where they went and spotted another guy with the same intentions back there. He has scaling a tree and waving his mobile phone around trying to get a picture. When he emerged from the bushes I noticed he’d been so intent on his chase that he hadn’t even bothered to grab some shoes and he was standing there barefoot. Jerry across the road had actually told me the other day they had been sat on their front porch watching deer in our backyard.

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