Sam in a blue tube

Originally uploaded by pinkaboo_uk.

Here’s Sam at Candler Park on March 14th. We met Natalie and Presley there, walked to a nearby coffee shop to get caffeinated beverages and then took the kids back to the playground for a run around. Until recently Sam’s only really been able to play on the swings, but now he is getting big enough to explore some of the equipment too. He’s also getting a little better about not putting the wood chip flooring into his mouth.


The Monday morning stroll saw us at Piedmont Park again this week. I decided to treat Quincy and took him along with us. While we were driving there Sam started making these really weird noises; gasping, rasping, and other funny sounds that worried me greatly. I pulled off the road to make sure he was okay, only to find a smiling, chortling Sam. He was grinning madly and pointing at Quincy who was looking over the back seat at him. Sam was repeatedly gurgling “doh!” “doh!”. I think he liked his travelling companion.

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