Stormy weather and sick Sam.

Yesterday Bill got struck by lightning. He was in the air in an aeroplane at the time and thankfully made it back down to Earth in one piece. Yeah, I know planes probably get hit all the time and are designed to withstand that, but still…scary! He was flying to Tampa for a business meeting and even though he left and returned the same day, Sam and I worried and missed him all day. The weather yesterday was pretty nasty; Sam and I decided not to go to the mommy group in the morning and stayed at home instead, and weatherwise it really was a worrying day to have your husband fly down to Florida and back. I don’t think the weather we experienced was really half as bad as the panic mongering press would have had us believe, but it didn’t make me very easy at all. The sound of heavy branches falling rom the trees around our house didn’t really help either.

Instead of going out in the morning Sam and I paid a visit to our friends up the road and invited ourselves over for a playdate. Natalie is already planning putting her house on the market ready for a big move across the country and Sam and I are trying very hard not to be sad to lose her and her daughter as neighbours. I’m sure we won’t lose her as friends, but it will be a sad day when they do move to Seattle. Sam had a great time playing at their house and Presley showed him all her toys and then took them all away from him and refused to share. She’s such a queen.

Oh, it was beautiful here in East Atlanta on Wednesday so Nat and I pushed the babies into the village and treated ourselves to lunch and margharitas at La Casita Cantina. I felt terribly guilty spending Bill’s hard earned money and enjoying myself while he was at work but damn it was good. I think I’ve been doing pretty well keeping tight control of the household budget and a little splurge while sat on the patio in the sunshine certainly rejuvenated me a bit. That was a really lovely afternoon. After we’d chilled we then took the babies to the park for some play time on the swings and let them loose on the grass for a bit before walking home again. Perfect.

We had to leave Nat’s to take Genghis to the vet for his yearly rabies jab and check up. That went well and he was given the all clear. Upon returning home I left Genghis in Bessie while I put Sam safely inside the house. I have a great little child proof run zone set up now and Sam is free to wander the front room, office and nursery at leisure. I then returned to the car to get Genghis. Before taking the dog into the house I took him into the yard to pee while I did a quick investigation as to where the ant massive were managing to get into the kitchen on a rampage. Nothing was evident and as I was very aware I’d left Sam unattended I hurried back into the house.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled open the screen door to find Sam standing bolt upright on the front porch with a dirty old dog bone in his hands. Said disgusting bone was fast about to approach his mouth no less. Scary. Gross. Scary. I swear I had shut that front door behind me! I know I did because I was very wary that I did not want Sam getting out there on his own and had done a safety double check to be sure as I had left to get the dog. Good grief, every day is a new surprise with Sam. Just as I think I have everything battened down and baby proof he does something unexpected and scares me.

Of course, with Bill out of town Sam it was Sod’s Law that he then got terribly terribly hot to touch and on investigation (oh boy, dare I mention the rectal thermometre?) had a temperature of 102 F. Despite behaving and seemingly absolutely normal he started pooping up a storm and every nappy I changed was a dirty sloppy one. I had a rough night last night with him waking up every few hours needing to be changed and the ongoing storm not helping to settle my feeling of anxiety.

To cap it off he tried kiwi fruit for the first time yesterday. Wow, he loved that stuff so much and gobbled it down excitedly. However, I was in for a shock when it came to change his nappy and I was confronted by a swarm of undigested seeds that sprayed all over the place. Oh I wish Bill had been there to witness that one instead of being passed out nice and cosy in bed, recovering from his trip to Florida! That stuff is incredible when it comes out the other end!

Thankfully Sam’s fever subsided a bit by the afternoon today and he isn’t such a sloppy poop monster anymore either. Reassuringly he never seemed to get grouchy or uncomfortable with the fever so I think he’s okay. He was certainly the picture of health while on webcam to Nanna and Grandad and you’d never know he wasn’t quite right unless you felt his temperature. Oooh and while we were on webcam with Grandad Downes, Sam was intently watching his grandad pull all sorts of silly faces on the screen and giggling at his antics. I’m telling you, he also tried really, really hard to say “grandad” though it came out as more of a “gggrrrrrr dad” but it was an obvious attempt and he seemed so pleased. If you listen carefully to him I’m sure he also tries to say dog (“doh”), daddy (“daaad deee”) and duck (“duk”) now too. Dammit, I’m the one looking after him all day…come on say “mummy”! Please?! He’s so cute and trying so hard with everything it’s adorable.

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting up and going out with Martha to scout out a Hash trail as we are co-hares next Saturday. Finishing off my glass of wine and then I suppose I’d better head to bed. Hopefully tonight I might actually get some sleep. Night!

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