Picnic in the Park.

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This evening Sam and I met up with Bill at Grant Park for an after work picnic. It was a last minute decision because it looked to be a beautiful evening and I thought Bill and I could use a good start to the weekend, so cheated by popping into Little Azio on our way to pick up some nosh. We sat on the wall by the playground to eat while Sam happily wandered around clutching a stick in one hand and a fistful of dirt, hummus and bread in the other.

Sam got to have a good run around and we had a great time chasing him around. As you can see, we also got to play with my new toy. Here Sam decided he was going to climb up the slide, he’s still a tad too small for that sort of escapade, but he was very determined and with a bit of a helping hand from Dad did make it to the top platform.

We took lots of shots but it was quite interesting because we could only store six on the memory card from Bill’s old camera so had to be really selective with what we came home with. I’m really impressed with my camera so far.


This afternoon Sam had his fifteen month checkup so it was off across town to the pediatrician for us. He is now 21lbs 14oz and 32″ tall. His doctor was really happy with his progress. He’s 10th percentile for weight and 75th for height and she was happy that as he’s stayed around that range for the last few appointments that he was the correct size for him and not lurching all over the place weightwise. Hoorah.

Sam wasn’t so happy to have the doctor examine him this time and screamed and screamed when she brought the stethoscope out. He’d been happily reading a book about a prissy pig who wouldn’t get mucky with the other piggies *oink* *oink* and she disturbed his story I think. Then the poor lad had to have two shots (one being the MMR/chicken pox combo) in his arm and really started bawling over that. It’s amazing how red in the face he gets so quickly and how his eyes get all swollen and enflamed when he’s upset. Took me a little while to calm him down and then when we got home he went to bed and slept all afternoon.

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