Sam and Linnea with the frog

Linnea and Sam met up at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this morning. Brandie and I took a walk around the grounds and did our best to keep the toddlers out of the flower beds and not let them pick the plants. Sam was the one we really had to watch. He is so adventurous and has no qualms about going off on little expeditions of his own. He’s also getting to become quite the temper tantrum thrower as every time I stepped in to remove him from a plant, or to herd him in the right direction he would scream and moan and throw himself down onto the floor pitifully. I’m glad he was wearing his little harness friend…the soft cushioning of monkey on his back is also just enough to soften the blow of small boy thrashing about on concrete and paving slabs.

Sam also seemed to discover his shadow today. He spent a fair while alternating between glee and his usual deadpan seriousness, running around a patio with his attention locked at his feet as he tried to catch it. Terribly cute.

Fountains in the Children's Garden

It’s really hot in Atlanta at the moment, quite scorching in fact, and so it wasn’t long before we hastily retreated from the blazing sun beating down on the lawns to the shady realm of the Children’s Garden. Here they have a paved area with fountains for the children to run around in. Sam and Linnea put on some swimming nappies and had a great time cooling off splashing through the jets. I wish I could’ve joined them.

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