Festivity in EAV

That was a much needed weekend of fun and family time. I’ve been feeling rather stretched thin lately and last week was really hard. Sam is absolutely wonderful but is really trying my patience lately. I wish I had a boundless supply because I’ve really been feeling like I’m at the end of my rope lately. Bill’s been super busy with work and I never know what time he is going to be getting home, around eight o’clock seems to be the norm right now and although the nights are now drawing in, the days have never felt longer.

Last week I was feeling dreadful because in the early evening I would be exhausted and desperate for Bill to be coming home from work. Just as I was hoping with all my might that he wasn’t on IM because he was on his way, I would get a call from the office that would just sink me into despair. I’d just get to a point in the day where I could no longer cope with Sam and even though he is really so well behaved and a complete treasure, I’d be clamouring for a break, feeling deadly tired and like I was going to implode.

One day I had had enough of Sam’s constant energy and I’d been trying to keep him entertained in his room, playing and reading him stories. Oh yes, he loves books. Books are his favourite things, ever. He signs that he wants books. He’ll earnestly beseech me to give him a “booh!” If you go into his room in the morning he’ll instantly get up and go to the book shelf, try to climb up the chest of drawers, get frustrated when you tell him off for climbing and just sign “book!” “book!” “booh!” “booh!” over and over again. I’ll then lift him up so he can choose the book he wants. He always has to have specific books. If I hand him the wrong one it’ll get flung immediately onto the floor with annoyance, and the signing and impatience will continue. Very particular is little Sam.

One boon to having switched to the toddler bed is that it’s now so very nice to be able to sit on the bed next to Sam so he can lean right up against me and we can read books together. I love it. But this day I was so tired it was absolutely awful and I could barely keep my eyes open as I lifted the flaps and read the stories and just wished that I could curl up and have some quiet time. So there I was, absolutely exhausted, and trying to keep up with Sam’s unlimited demand for books and attention and thinking it was still going to be absolutely ages before Daddy arrived home as he hadn’t even called to give his status yet, when who should walk through the nursery door but the man himself. Yay! It’s incredible how quickly I suddenly felt so much better and was able to deal cheerfully with Sam and the housework again. It was then I decided that the hash had to be foregone this weekend, the Allen’s were desperately in need of some family time.

As luck would have it the next day was a mini festival day in East Atlanta Village. It was the annual EAV Strut, a little street festival with music, art booths and food, a 5K for the wide awake and athletic, and, for us the highlight of the day, a carnival parade through the village (which Sam and I’d been supposed to take part in but am disappointed to say that I didn’t get around to dressing up our beast of a stroller in time). Each year the Strut gets better and better. It’s such a great day out and a really nice village event for our neighbourhood.

Bill called his folks and despite the late notice his mom decided to also drive up to Atlanta to get some Sammy time and join us at the Strut. Sadly she didn’t manage to find us in time for the parade, which was small but which a lot of effort had been put in by participants. We stood on the corner, Sam high up on my shoulders and watched children dressed as storybooks and an animal menagerie, the colourful Marching Abominables marching band, a gaggle of scooters, bikes and cyclists, and the Atlanta Rollergirls bumble jovially past. The kids costumes were all great because they were all obviously created by themselves as an art project and made from cardboard, paper, string and crayons. Nothing fancy, but totally awesome.

Eav Strut 2

Spotting Granma hiding amongst the stalls we then tried to meander up and down the high street with Sam in his stroller. We stuck it out long enough for Bill and Granma to get a corndog each and me to get a beloved coffee, before backing away and deciding to go find some quiet and let Sam loose in Brownwood Park. Actually, it wasn’t so quiet there either as a band was playing from the roof of an adjacent house and a large family reunion was taking place in the pavilion, but Sam and I did get to have a good time at the playground while Granma and Bill sat on a nearby bench and watched his crazy antics.

Daddy, Granma and Sam

All too soon it was time for Granma to make the drive back to Milledgeville. I’m so glad she was able to join us for the afternoon though, was lovely to see her.

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