Good Morning Samuel

This morning I woke up and all was quiet. I hadn’t heard a peep from Sam and I began to have niggles about him being okay if we hadn’t heard movement or squeaks from him by nine o’clock. So, although I really wanted to just stay in bed and snooze there was nothing for it but to get up and sate my mummy worry by checking in on him.

We have to keep his door closed now and I knew there is no way to open that door without causing a racket and waking a sleeping toddler, unleashing the beast. I simply had to satisfy myself that he was okay in there though. Resigned to disturb a dreaming boy, I gingerly tried to crack open the door but the door had stuck again and needed a good shove. As ever my entrance could not be subtle and I winced as I waited for Sam’s disgruntled waking up cries.

Instead I was greeted by a happy smiling baby sat on a blanket in the middle of the nursery floor. Having climbed out of his cot again, he was contentedly up and about, playing and reading a book. He saw me, grinned and stood up, grabbed his potty, waved it awkwardly about said “doh!”

Going in to give Sam morning hugs I did a nappy check and soon regretted my decision to go in close. Yup, it was full and stinky.

Coincidence? Or do you think he really was trying to tell me that?

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