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While Bill was watching Sam the other day I decided to go have a root around in the no man’s land behind our property. We’ve been getting deer coming into our backyard and I was really curious to see where they are coming from and exactly what is back there.

I couldn’t easily get over the fence in our yard so I tried to cut down between our neighbour’s house and I-20. I was disappointed to learn that that wasn’t possible but I did make an interesting and sad find while I was poking around.

I was quite shocked to discover a large pile of discarded items that the neighbour’s had apparently just throw over their fence and left to fester. Amongst the heap of bathroom furniture, old broken blinds and rotting garden furniture there was some stuff that caught my eye.

Returning a little later armed with a pair of gloves, with some effort I managed to haul a Little Tikes plastic table and benches, Little Tikes toddler basketball hoop, child’s bicycle, plastic outdoor ride on sportscar, and another plastic toddler table out to the kerb. I really couldn’t believe my treasure trove. With a good hose down and a little work it all scrubbed up really well and apart from a little damage from being thrown over the high fence really bore no ill scars from being dumped, or clue as to why it had been deemed unwanted. Weird. It really sickens me that somebody had just dumped all this stuff, especially as the county will pick up whatever rubbish you leave out as long as it is neatly on the side of the road. Their insanity is Sam’s gain.

I was especially excited by the picnic table and bench set as it is just perfect for Sam to sit at and make a big mess. I eagerly ran to the store to buy some paint and this afternoon had a great time showing Sam how to smear colour everywhere. It took him a little while to warm up but he was soon enjoying himself. I was really impressed when he started asking for the tubes and trying to squeeze paint out himself. He even started to get the hang of colour names but then reverted to calling them all blue.

I put a blob of each colour in front of him and he dipped his finger in first one, and then another. As the two paints merged and became a new colour his eyes widened and he got so excited. Seconds later he was testing out mixing other blobs too. No prompting from me on that one, fantastic.

I then showed him how to make a print by placing another sheet of paper on top of his wet mess. He loved that game and would get impatient as I counted to three before lifting the sheet to show him the transfers. I felt a bit like a magician showing him a really amazingtrick.

We then made a butterfly painting or two. That got Samuel very animated too. He wasn’t happy with the one colour butterfly I made to show him first and very forcefully insisted I add more and more paint, then he would delight in the new revealed butterfly each time.

So much fun.

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