House on Hold

We didn’t make it to the board of commissioners meeting on Tuesday morning at 9am, but I did manage to catch the coverage regarding the moratorium and proposed text amendment on channel 23. It was repeated on the television just now so amazingly I managed to time it and turn over just as our segment of interest was starting so Bill could also watch what happened.
Again, there was no one standing in favour of the proposed text amendment.
One gentleman stood up in opposition, but he was a terrible speaker. He was very meandering, didn’t really have anything solid to say and although his message that he hoped the commissioners would take a sensitive approach was one that Bill had been pushing, he didn’t come across too well at all. It wasn’t helped that he told the commissioners that they should tread carefully or face getting into big trouble. He rather came across as akin to a soothsayer expressing a bad omen.
Jeff Radar then expressed that he wanted to defer the item for a month and extend the moratorium. This was then amended to January as that was the earliest date they could feasibly get public opinion, then return the proposal to the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners.

The vote was then unanimous that the moratorium is to be extended until January.
So we are still stuck in limbo, still waiting for some definitive decision and still here in our little cottage under the trees. Trees which incidentally also don’t seem to like us very much as the other night one of them despatched a huge log down onto Sam’s nursery roof. On first inspection we didn’t think it had caused damage but Bill took another look at the weekend and apparently we do have a nice hole to patch up there now. *sigh*
I guess that at least Bill and I now know we did make the right decision not to go ahead and stretch ourselves with the Tampa house, there’s no way we could have continued two mortgages with our house not sold into January and possibly beyond. Guess we could have lost a whole lot more than we have so far. Also, with this looking to stretch out even further I’m glad we did take the house off the market, for the moment at least. Seems silly to go through the stress of being on the market when this red tape is going to put off any potential buyers.


Today Sam ate crumpets for lunch, loved them. But then, what is there not to like? Yummy!

We also went to the zoo this morning and had a grand time. Jen and Isabella (and Nonna!) were there, freshly back from their summer adventures in Connecticut. We’ve missed them a lot and it was so good to catch up. At least, as much as you can when you have a bunch of wayward toddlers running in different directions and needing attention all the time!

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