Insight into my day.

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Sam was supposed to be in his nursery having a nap. I was in the office working. I heard a chuckling coming from the front room and when I popped my head around the door frame this is what I saw!


The laundry basket is full of a pile of books that Aunty Mary gave Sam when we went to visit her on Tuesday. I’d put the tearable ones up out of the way until he gets a bit older but the lure was too much for him and he just climbed up onto the table to get them. Didn’t I tell you Sam loves books?!

Why should you not own a dog?

So you never have to go into the kitchen, go to get a saucepan lid from a drawer and upon reaching in find that said blasted mutt has somehow peed in there, copiously.

My bet is on Genghis, definitely not Sam, pretty sure it wasn’t Quincy, Bill? Doubtful.

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