Table Manners

After our trip to the park I popped into Target to get some artist supplies for Sam. I just wanted some paper and crayons. Of course, I came out with a whole lot more, including Sam’s very first set of proper cutlery. Sam chose them himself, I would’ve gone for the red and blue utensils, but he insisted on the lime green and aqua. I also bought him a trio of proper plastic plates, until now we’ve been using bowls or shallow divided trays.


At teatime I dished out his pasta onto his new tableware and Sam was delighted. He seemed to get a big kick out of wielding the knife and fork and eating off the big boy plate. He really tried hard to actually use the cutlery and once I had shown him he could spear his pasta with the fork (don’t worry Nanna, we’ll work on him eating like a Brit next! 😉 ) he had a great time fishing for food and popping it into his mouth. After quickly finishing off one helping he demanded more.

Fork in mouth

On his second round of pasta he did run out of steam and interest in his utensils and resorted instead to taking dining tips from the dogs.

I give up

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