Toddler Halloween Party

Halloween Party for our playgroup 2007
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Happy Halloween!

Sam the King of the Wild Things had a super morning at Tricia’s toddler Halloween party this morning. His costume is perfect for him as he indeed created mischief of one kind and another as he tore around. He’s very independant, adventurous and curious, I just hope he didn’t get up anyone’s nose too much though.

The little purple hippo costume that Jen made for Isabella was absolutely fantastic, really impressive, and it was such a shame that it got too hot in the room and she barely got to wear it. Same goes for Linnea’s adorable dragon outfit. I didn’t even get a chance to snap a photo of the toddlers myself before some of them had to cool off a little.

Lucas was a doctor, complete with soft toy medic’s bag and tools, and was probably the most comfortable of the gang. Oh, except for Elvis (Jacob) who was just too cool for words.

Sisters Feliz and Lula were perfect little matching bumble bees and we had little boy lions shaking their manes around the room.

We did a pot (un)lucky lunch and managed to rustle up a really impressive spread between us. My contribution was banana pudding, which Bill will be very glad to hear didn’t get totally eaten so I have some in the fridge waiting for him, lucky hubby.

I declare the gift exchange a success too. We ended up sitting in a circle (well the mums anyway, there was no hope for the toddlers) and passing our offerings to the right. Sam got a freaky little rat that makes spooky noises, scuttles around and has red flashing eyes…eeek!

We’re supposed to be going out to EAV this evening for more Halloween and Trick or Treating fun, but Sam got his costume dirty and I had to give it a wash. I hope it survives a tumble in the machine and gets dry in time! *worried*

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