Two sad days for England.

Sunday saw the final between England and South Africa in the Rugby Word Cup.

Yes, I do say Sunday and not Saturday because over this side of the pond the big match wasn’t broadcast on cable until over a day later (unless of course you didn’t mind splashing out $30 + tax and fees for pay per view!). I suppose that is slightly better than the rest of the World Cup games though, the ones that were broadcast at all were infuriatingly shown at least a week after the matches had been played.

So as the match played out on Saturday afternoon Bill and I went to the Little Five Points Halloween Parade with a little Tigger in tow and I shut myself off from all sporting announcements on the television and internet, and most importantly from Daddy on Yahoo! IM for 24 hours.

Somehow this worked, mainly because the US of A couldn’t give a stuff about the rugby anyway so there really wasn’t too much chance of a spoiler, and on Sunday at five, without knowing the final score, I happily settled down to watch England blow their title defense a second time.

Rugby World Cup
Originally uploaded by pinkaboo_uk.

As usual Sam had other ideas though and Mummy just wasn’t allowed to have her two hours of peace. This is pretty much my view of the pitch throughout the match. Little beastie.

Still, good game, though frustrating to see the final come down to a bunch of penalties. Was so excited and then gutted when England scored that clear try. Silly video ref.

Hmm, in retrospect, it just occurred to me that maybe Sam was trying to tell me something here? Is he trying to be patriotic and support his fellow countrymen by covering up his green (*spit*) shirt with the red and white of the lions?!

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