The flight

We made it! Sam, Bill and I flew out of Atlanta on Friday and touched down on English soil on Saturday morning. Happy Birthday Daddy!

As expected the journey over was pretty awful. Sam caused rather a fuss about getting onto the aeroplane and as soon as we sat down the lady in front of us asked a hostess if she could move to a spare seat. Sadly she was stuck where she was, which was unfortunate for all of us as her vacated seat would have been a rather nice refuge for Bill or I.

Sam did quiet down admirably and didn’t get too vocal during the flight. He was instead a wriggling mess for all but the two hours of the journey during which he did eventually pass out. Thankfully I had managed to find a colouring book with stickers and crayons at an airport shop and that kept him occupied for a good chunk of time.

Having a vegetarian meal also made things easier as this meant Bill and I got served at different times. This was crucial as the cabin crew basically treated Sam like he didn’t exist and would deliver a steaming meal to us, wave it above Sam’s head impatiently and expect us to immediately set it down on top of our squirming toddler. I know we didn’t pay for a seat for Sam (though had to stump up a considerable amount to cover taxes), but they also never even offered water for him to drink throughout the flight. We hadn’t packed anything for him either as we weren’t sure what the security regulations would be, so Bill and I had to pour what little water we were given into a bottle to make sure Sam didn’t go thirsty and wouldn’t spill it all over the place in the process.

Probably the worst point was when I had to take Sam to the toilet to change his nappy. When I stood up it was just a wet nappy. When I had his nappy off and was wiping his bottom I was very surprised to discover this status rapidly changing. All I could do was cup my hand to catch this extensive fresh present. In panic I deposited the handful into the toilet bowl (twice!) and holding Sam by an elbow, unlocked the door with my clean mitt to call out to the queued passengers “I’m sorry, I have a little disaster! I need my husband! He’s in 22B!” Bill then appeared and squeezed into the tiny cubicle with Sam and I to come to my rescue. Not quite what you think is going on when there are two adults in the aeroplane conveniences!

in flight

After this uncomfortable and exhausting flight, upon arrival we were cheered somewhat when several of the other passengers commented on how good Samuel had been and commended us on keeping him so quiet throughout the flight.

Immigration and customs went very smoothly and soon we were walking through arrivals and a tall, waiting, waving, Daddy was the first person as I saw as we rounded the corner. Hoorah! Mum then came charging under the barrier and it was hugs all around.

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