One in the bed

It’s another hard night trying to get to sleep. Bill has been in LA on business since Sunday and it’s bad enough being on my own, but it’s this time of night that I really miss our Gingernuts. Whenever I went to bed before Bill, Genghis would always seek me out and keep me company. Sometimes I’d be harsh and have my mind set to keep him from jumping on the bed, but he’d come alongside and place his muzzle right by my face and nudge me so longingly that I’d have no choice but to invite him up for a cuddle. He’d then eagerly bound over me and wheedle his way right up close tucked into my front and make me give him a good belly rub. In return he’d drop hair all over the place and up my nose, and slowly start to push me off the bed as his legs would stiffen, splay out and stretch, but together we’d drift contentedly to dreamland. Until hubby would want to climb under the covers himself and not be amused to find a stinky, dirty mutt in his place. At least his side would be warmed for him?!

Right now every time I close my eyes I want to remember the lovely moments, but instead I’m reliving that last day and racing across Moreland Ave to be with Genghis lying on the side of the road. I am exhausted though and oh I hope I can push those thoughts away and get to sleep soon. Sam will be waking up at seven, hungry and ready for a big day, and I’ll have to leap back into action with or without getting any shuteye. Looking after a toddler on your own is so tough, I’m glad Bill being away is only temporary. I have no idea how single mums manage at all. Come back Bill!

We didn’t do too badly today. Yesterday was pretty rough on Sam as we didn’t leave the house and I wasn’t feeling so great so he had a lot of independent play time (yeah, that’s what I’ll call it!). This morning however we both got up bright and early, had a wide awake breakfast, and vowed to make it to a playgroup in EAV and meet some new mums and toddlers.

This was almost thwarted thanks to my stupidity a couple of days ago when I forgot to close Perdie’s sunroof.

We had a tremendous rainstorm that night and I got soaked and chilled to the bone having to run out in my jammies in the thick of the icy, heavy rain to close the roof way too late for it to do much good as the interior was already sopping and seemingly full of half a tree. I hoped the seats would have dried out some by today, and although I was right on that count, the water had evaporated from the fabric and condensed on the interior windows, where it had then happily frozen solid. No cursing in front of Sam, but I’m sure you can imagine the scene and how overjoyed I was as I tried to defrost the interior of my car. Eventually we did make it to the playgroup before everyone had gone and Sam had a grand time playing with the other toddlers, of which there were a good number.

Then after a midday nap for Sam, Brandie, Tricia and I made an impromptu plan to take the kids swimming. We decided to try out the MLK Natatorium and see what it was like. We were impressed. We were practically the only people there and all the lifeguards and staff were very nice to us. I think the facilities were basic, but nicer than the Y. The staff even let us stay in the pool longer than technically allowed because the children were having such great fun. Sam was screeching and cooing and really loving being in the water. A lot of the time he was determined to be independent and would only let me hold him by one hand. He had difficulty keeping his bottom up, well actually he just didn’t really get that concept, preferring to tread water and get around vertically instead. Best of all it completely tired him out and dead on eight o’clock I put him to bed and he said “night night”, closed his eyes and was out for the count. Yeah! Compare this to last night when I was about ready to tear my hair out because he was still rolling around in his room, wanting his mummy and making noise gone midnight!

Bill has the camera in LA with him so no new photos for Dandad. Instead here’s one Rebecca took for you when she took an excited Sam and I to visit the Power Hall at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester:


Night night!

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