Hopefully I have a very tired little boy on my hands who will be wanting to go to bed very soon. This afternoon I took Sam swimming, then to the park to meet his friends and he’s now playing on the front porch in his sand table. I want a nice peaceful evening please!

It didn’t work! It is now almost midnight and Sam is still up and running around kicking balls with gusto! Argh! Why is he still awake?!
*end edit*

The other day I was awoken to the sound of Sam grizzling and crying out for “Mummy! Mummy! knock! knock! Mummeeee!”

I got out of bed and went to go see to him. When I got to the hallway I noticed a nappy slide out underneath the door and land at my feet. Thankfully it was a clean nappy but I think little boy was trying to tell me something because when I went into the nursery the one Sam was wearing was full to the elastic.

At the park this afternoon Sam commandeered someone else’s big plastic tow wagon. He just got right into it, sat down, and even buckled himself in. He was quite content to just sit there and pretend the wagon was his. He was quite convincing because other children would come up and try to join him but be followed hastily by their mother’s pulling them away because the wagon was Sam’s!

After a while, someone else’s football rolled past the wagon and Sam was finally tempted back out to play with his friends.

Swimming was a lot of fun and Sam really enjoyed himself in the pool. We borrowed a float and chased it around all over the place. Sam is very confident in the water and will barely let me hold on to him to keep him afloat. I was a little less confident as I can’t quite believe it but already my swimming costume is getting to be on the small side. My bump is definitely progressing and now, along with my lack of any waist, my legs seem to have transformed back into tree trunks again! I think this pregnancy I may have to go out and buy a maternity costume very soon if Sam and I want to continue having fun in the water this summer!

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