A place for some things

Recently Sam has started putting certain things away where he thinks they belong and being haphazardly neat and tidy. He rather puts me to shame.

His toys are strewn around the front room at the moment because every time I put them in his boxes he tips them right out again, but I left my trainers out last night and couldn’t find them to put on when I needed them. After hunting high and low, eventually I checked the shoe closet and, lo and behold, that’s exactly where they were. Definitely Sam’s work as they were on top of the piles of towels and not at the bottom with the other shoes. Good effort Sam.

Lazily I have yet to round up Sam’s clothes from where they ended up scattered as I chased him to get him ready for bed (*cough* last night), but I just went to put my own pyjamas on and found they weren’t where I left them. I hunted through the house and finally discovered them tucked into the dirty laundry basket, along with some other garments of mine that I’d carelessly left out. Oh and a pair of Sam’s shoes.

Sometimes Sam will like to grab a tissue or wet wipe and clean surfaces. He happily polishes his little table and cleans up during and after a meal. Though, he seriously dislikes to wash his sticky hands and grubby little face.

When he has finished eating he will hand us his empty plate. Often he will get up and take it to the baby gate separating him from the kitchen, and if no one is there to take it, he’ll throw it over the top in the general direction of the dishwasher. He has also been known to collect any other dirties he finds and attempt to take them to the kitchen too.

I have also just climbed into my bed and laid down on top of an assortment of toy cars, trucks and trains. I can only presume he has carefully tucked them in, told them how much he loves them, and wished them sweet dreams for the night.

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