Good Morning Mummy

This morning was a real treat for me. I woke up to the usual sound of Sam knocking on his bedroom door and calling out “morning Mummy! knock knock!” and so went to give him cuddles and breakfast. As I opened the door two filthy poop covered hands wiped and smeared themselves all over my jammie bottoms as if I was a walking towel and before I could catch him, off Sam ran.

Thanks Sam.

Poop disaster in the nursery. Wow, it’s actually been quite a while since I had to deal with one on quite that scale. Sam got a good dunk in the tub and I’ve been working on putting his room straight and poop free again since I got up. Yuck.

I hope I get my Bill back this evening. Enough with his gallivanting all over the country on business! He says he really misses Sam, I bet he’s not missing his dirty nappies!


Tuesday night was a lot of fun. We organised a long overdue girls’ night out and the mummy posse met up at the Brick Store in Decatur for food and drinks, in my case, water. Boo hoo! It was fantastic to get out without being attached to the boy for just a few hours and the company was great.


Oh and I also forgot to mention the other funny thing Sam did at Candler Park. This was the day he climbed into someone else’s tow wagon. He spotted a little girl’s pink bicycle parked by a bench, ran over and climbed right up onto the seat. It was for a much older child and his feet were dangling nowhere near the pedals. I can’t believe he managed to scoot right up onto the seat the way he did. I raced over, concerned he would fall off or be worrying the real owner. When I puffed over there Sam pointed to the pretty pink helmet on the floor next to the bike and authoritatively said “hat!” I gave it to him and he sat perched with the helmet on his head for a few moments, he was really pleased with himself.

The running commentary in the car as we drive anywhere is getting a little more diverse now. Sam points out all the cars, trucks and trains he sees as we drive around. It goes a bit like this:

“car! car! car! truck! bus! car! car!”

Except now he also gets excited if he sees bicycles “bike!” and has started categorising buses into plain old “bus!” or “yellow bus!” The yellow school buses get him particularly enthralled. Occasionally I’ll also hear the odd, “flower!”, “leaves!” or “tree!” thrown in too.

2 Responses to Good Morning Mummy

  1. Anonymous March 16, 2008 at 5:45 am #

    Stories like that wont get Sammy any cousins

  2. Anonymous March 16, 2008 at 5:45 am #

    Stories like that wont get Sammy any cousins

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