Puddle Jumper

After spending a mere three days in Bill’s company again he jetted off to NY early Thursday morning to work on the ad edit. Not sure when we’ll be seeing him again but right now it’s looking likely for late Sunday. It sounds as though everything is going well up there though and I can’t wait to see the result of his effort when his first spot hits TV screens.

Sam and I had a miserable couple of days on Wednesday and Thursday and despite having plans I didn’t manage to muster us out of the house. Hopefully that lack of energy and feeling crappy has passed. In retrospect I do wonder if that was maybe related to the road resurfacing being done outside our house? The heavy machinery dredged up a lot of dirt into the air as they scraped the existing road up, and then although I wasn’t too aware of it, spreading of new tarmac always has a nasty whiff.

Sam absolutely enjoyed all the commotion in the road though. He was so excited to see all the big trucks and road rollers trundling up and down outside the window. He spent a lot of the day with his nose pressed to the glass and repeating “look! look!” or roaming around the house making appropriate noises with his miniature versions.

Yesterday afternoon I had to force us out of the house by arranging to meet up with some of Sam’s friends at a park in the Highlands. What was a horrid rainy morning cleared up to become a beautiful warm afternoon and had us peeling off layers.

Sam immediately ignored the play equipment and his friends in favour of muddy puddles.

Brandie didn’t really help his look when she spotted that the adjacent volley ball courts were somewhat flooded and started enticing all the toddlers to go “swimming.” Of course, everyone ignored her except my own little Samuel who merrily charged off right into the middle of the giant puddle and then spent the rest of the outing excavating sand from amongst the murky water with a digger that he mysteriously found.

Thank goodness for a full change of clothes. I wasn’t a girl guide for nothing!


Brandie stood and cackled at the mess she had enleashed. Her daughter did then strip off to her nappy and joined Sam playing in the sand but she delicately tip toed around the puddle and refused to go “swimming” unless her mum joined her. Of course, Brandie wasn’t up for that herself! Very messy, but the kids had lots of fun.

This morning the weather has done yet another crazy shift. No longer are we basking in warmth, instead I drew the curtains to the sight of snow falling from the sky. It’s not laying and it looks quite wet on the ground but Sam is very impressed with the chunks of drifting white and very quickly learnt a new word when I brought it to his attention. Standing at the window, pointing with wonder, and saying “snow!” over and over again didn’t get boring for ages.

I guess we should get up and go give Sam a taste of being outside in the snow, but I’m a little hesitant because a) it’s cold! and b) I keep hearing big thumps around the house and on the roof which I think means we are losing a fair few heavy branches. As we are surrounded by old oak trees I am somewhat nervous about that. For the moment I am enjoying a nice cup of (decaff) coffee and sharing a chocolate croissant (or two) while Sam divides his attention between eating and reading all about tractors, trains and trucks.

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