Wits end.

Bill’s home again and we’ve just spent a lovely evening collaborating over a tasty home cooked meal and watching Eastern Promises. Got him for one more day then he’s flying back off to NY for the colour correction of his ads. I hope I get him back again for the weekend.

Yesterday I was just about losing it as I tried to make the house presentable while my crazy little boy ran riot around me. I think I’d just had enough of being on my own with him, especially when he started filling his mouth with milk then spitting it out all over the place. After telling him several times to stop and giving him a time out he then undressed, took his nappy off and started spitting on top of that too, laughing. I got a tad angry with him and started to raise my voice and get upset. But I couldn’t stay that way for long when he looked very hurt, charged into his bedroom, climbed into his bed, snuggled up naked underneath the covers and said “night night mummy!”

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