Brand Recognition

It has begun.

I took Sam through Target the other day and had to walk past the toy section to get to what I needed. As we strolled through Sam started to bounce up and down in the trolley seat and yell “Thomas! Thomas!” Sure enough he had spotted the BRIO Thomas the Tank Engine section. I tried to continue and within seconds I had a blubbering, out of control toddler trying to escape to go play in the aisle. I wasn’t prepared to let him play with shop stock and not buy anything so had to endure a full blown temper tantrum with kicking and screaming, and we had to go have a little time out in a less interesting aisle before we could finish our shopping.

Up until now he’s been mad for his trains, adores them, but it’s only recently that this has translated into adulation of Thomas. All trains are now “Thomas!” and he can often be found running around the house yelling his name over and over again, or demanding to see Thomas on the television and not being very understanding when we try to explain that the show isn’t on twentyfour hours a day.

Last time Bill went OTP to play tennis Sam received a gift of a Thomas cushion made by Richard’s mum. He loves that thing.

This is especially interesting as we haven’t gone out of our way to introduce Sam to any popular brand characters, in fact quite the opposite. Generally, unless he’s received something as a gift, I’ve kept Sam’s toys cartoon character free, yet still he has latched onto and become infatuated with Thomas.

Oh, at bedtime two nights ago Bill set Sam up with a nice little train track with which to trundle his few remaining engine and carriages on (I’m going crazy trying to find out what on earth Sam has done with the others, I have a horrible feeling that they may have taken a ride into the heating ducts beneath the floor but can’t be certain.) The next morning when he went in the track had changed. Engineer Sam had been at work and the loop had been significantly extended and altered to Sam’s liking. Bridges were reconstructed and track relaid. Bill was pretty flabbergasted. Sam’s been great at putting the track together snaking across the room but this was the first time Bill had seen him create such an intricate circuit and maintain multiple loops. Sam’s constantly awesome.

Oops, going to be late for the zoo!

2 Responses to Brand Recognition

  1. ashridge April 18, 2008 at 10:38 pm #

    Izambard Kingdom Samuel Allen.
    Or should i say Casey Jones?

  2. ashridge April 18, 2008 at 10:38 pm #

    Izambard Kingdom Samuel Allen.
    Or should i say Casey Jones?

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