rain rain back…

…is Sam’s abridged version of “rain, rain, go away” and he must have chanted it enough lately for the sun to come back out and bestow us with some nice weather again.

Yesterday had its ups and downs. Nanna and Grandad have bought us an annual membership to the High Museum for Sam’s imminent second birthday so I can take him to the art activities they provide every week as part of Toddler Thursdays. The card arrived in the post so we were able to meet Tricia, Brandie and their toddlers there yesterday and partake in some painting.

The theme this week tied in with their current Georgia O’Keefe exhibit. Toddlers were asked to look at her landscapes in the gallery while parents pointed out recognisable features such as the sun, fields and plants, and discuss the season or time of day depicted. On arrival at the art studio it was then time to get messy with liquid watercolours and for the toddlers to paint their own landscapes. Sam created three beautiful paintings and would have stayed there all day if I’d let him.

Sam and I then wandered back down the road to visit daddy and decorate his office with the colourful fresh artwork before having a gentle stroll through Piedmont Park and back to the car.

Sadly though that was were the pleasantries ended as the afternoon was spent with Sam throwing one screaming tantrum after another. We were supposed to be going to meet friends at the park in the late afternoon but I had to cancel because Sam was being such an uncontrollable beast. It’s really not like him at all to be like that though, I hope it wasn’t the start of a new phase in his childhood.

The night brought worse though as after bedtime and just as I was finally drifting off to sleep I was up again with a start to the sound of terrible noises coming from Sam’s room. On investigation I found the poor boy in complete disarray and his room a disaster zone of vomit. Having to cuddle a distressed, smelly, and messy Sam was pretty disgusting.

Between us Bill and I were able to get him bathed and cleaned up and somehow we pulled together some fresh bedding (note: we really need to get Sam some backup bedding!). Sending Bill back to bed I then tried to stay in the room with our little treasure as long as I could as he kept throwing up and I didn’t want to leave him alone, but eventually I felt I had to so that he would settle and I could stretch out in my own bed. Between bouts he would return to being his right as rain cheeky self and with me in the room with him was charging around excitedly, puling his step stool across the room to play with Humpty Dumpty and jumping on and off his bed. It was a little crazy.

He’s slept in late this morning but I hear stirring. He’s chattering away merrily to himself, sounds like he is feeling better today.

Bill just called to suggest that the culprit may have been the kiwi fruit Sam ate for his tea? Thinking about it the last time Sam was sick when he was a baby I seem to recall he had eaten some kiwi then too.

Okay, off to cuddle my boy and then I guess I have a day of disinfecting his room to deal with. 😀

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