Adventures with Digger

Another beautiful sunny day at Cape San Blas for the Allens. We had breakfast and headed straight for another round of digging and swimming on the beach. Then lunch and a nap, followed by more beach time. Pretty much the same as yesterday really (including the rapid evening departure to find a potty!), except that this time Bill’s brother Donnie appeared in the house while Sam and I were napping. He’d driven his new motorbike down from Columbus, GA to join us for a few days.

Sam was a little bit uncertain to find a new person on the sofa when he came down from his nap, but he warmed up really fast and was soon chatting away to Uncle Donnie about all his favourite things. That would be diggers, tractors and trucks, beach and sand. Oh and for the past week or so Bagpuss is also getting a look in and lots of attention.

This evening Donnie took us out for dinner. We headed to Apalachicola intending to eat at a restaurant Bill enjoyed when we were here with Mum and Dad last year, only to find it closed on Mondays. As were most of the other eateries in town. We ended up at a place called Owl Cafe. We were told that the only available table would be outside on the upstairs patio, but we have our suspicions that this was because we walked in with a small child. There certainly seemed to be plenty of available tables as we walked through the dining room, and they were still vacant as we exited after our meal. There was also a note on the head of the menu requesting children be kept under control.

The Allen men

I am very happy to say that Sam was yet again an absolute treasure throughout what was a really tasty meal. Despite being tired he was very well behaved indeed. We did have a few moments where he could have started to be a pest but with quick distraction he regained his halo. I’m so glad that we can eat out with him and not be a complete spectacle and horror for the other diners. Sam generally even has pretty good table manners and at intervals will even request a napkin to wipe his mouth and hands as he eats. Wonder how long this will last?!

Unlike myself Sam has no problems sampling all sorts of food and tucked into crab dip, munched on Daddy’s grouper dinner, snacked on my green leafy salad and wolfed down some mustard alfredo penne pasta.

He's a beut

The car ride home was filled with the sound of Sam’s giggles and squeals as he and Uncle Donnie played tickles and Sam was taught how to high five and fist bump.

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