Night Night Time

Recently Sam has started requesting to go to bed when he gets upset, frustrated, told off for doing something naughty or just seems to be trying to deal with his emotions.

He did the same today at Leapin’ Lizards after he had an altercation with another boy over a toy he was playing with. He seemed to be having a good time playing on the huge inflatable bouncy castles and drawing on the huge chalkboard wall, but then he turned very insular and only wanted to sit and fiddle with a particular toy.

I think the turning point came when he climbed up to the top of a really big bouncy slide then must have got overwhelmed or something because he burst into tears at the top and refused to go down the slide. I think the other children pushing past him in their eagerness was too much, or maybe the slide was just too tall?

Anyway, he had a little fit when this other child tried to take the toy he was playing with from him. It was bad on both sides and Sam wasn’t blameless as he had snatched back and thrown the toy in anger, but before I could get up and haul myself over to deal with the escalating situation (no sign of the other kid’s parent) they had come to blows and Sam lay sprawled on the floor crying his eyes out. After an admonishment, lots of cuddles didn’t help things and Sam decided it was “Night Night Time” then. He toddled over to the reception area, distinguished my trainers from the many pairs of shoes in the cubbies (Bill reckons he must have done that by smell) and handed them to me. With the most serious voice, “Home!” he said.

We couldn’t actually go home though. I had to take baby Bea for her check up at the doctors. We killed a little time by grabbing something to eat at Our Way Cafe and then browsed the nearby charity shop. I bought him a couple of books there so we had something to occupy him while we waited at the doctor’s. A pop up book about a Little Yellow Digger was a big hit and saved me much frustration from having to chase him around the office.

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