We took Sam out for what was a very successful drive-in experience to see Wall-E this evening. Jim met us at the gate and got us in for free which was really good of him. He roared with great gingerness at Sam through the window and Sam seemed to like that. We were a bit nervous as we parked up as already Sam was showing signs of agitation and grumpiness. We’d had to queue up for over half an hour to even get to the front gates and Sam was growing crotchety to be stuck in his car seat unentertained. Once the film started I unbuckled him and he sat in my lap or roamed the passenger well and was as good as gold throughout.

He was pretty fascinated by the big screen and seemed to really like the film. “Robots! Robots!” he kept repeating in awe as he gazed through the windscreen.

It was a bit of a weird evening on a couple of counts though. About five minutes before the film ended our car battery died. Sod’s law as earlier that day I had cautioned Bill on being prepared for such an occurrence and asked him to charge and bring the jump starter thingy we have, but apparently that back up didn’t want to take a charge so we didn’t pack it. We watched the final moments listening to the audio coming to us from surrounding cars and then Bill called Jim to get a start. I returned from the bathroom to find the car running happily again and Bill scratching his head. The car had sprung back to life without need of Jim and his cables and we have no idea what that was about.

Then, on the drive home we were followed down Moreland and onto Ormewood by a police car. We were pretty stunned when he then suddenly blared his siren and pulled us over. Neither of us knew what we might have done wrong. Odd. Bill was asked for his licence, registration and insurance documents and we sat there very confused until the policeman explained that he had run our licence plate and it didn’t match the make or model of our vehicle…huh? Very strange considering Bill has had that number through several cars, none of which was the vehicle the policeman mentioned. Anyway, he satisfied himself that we were okay, muttered that it must be a paperwork mix up, and let us go. We were left pretty baffled.

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