Wearing Sam out.

Uncle Donnie was gone, on his motorbike and probably well on his way home by the time we woke up this morning. I’m glad he came down for a few days, and I hope he enjoyed his stay as much as we did. I think Sam had a good time playing with his uncle.

Sam got brave today and decided to actually play in the surf as opposed to sticking his toes into the wet sand and then skirting the waves on the beach. I really wish we’d taken the video camera down there this morning because he was hilarious. I wouldn’t say he was exactly scared of the water before, he was mainly more taken with digging in the sand, but he hadn’t really wanted to venture in too deep. Today though he was charging into the sea and giggling furiously. The sea was fairly rough but despite having a couple of tumbles and white water encounters, he took it in his stride, yelled for “big waves!” and had a grand time.

After a fun morning watching Sam on the beach we intended to return to the house for a relaxing afternoon and then venture out later for an evening stroll. This didn’t go quite to plan however as Sam woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and was a rather cantankerous handful when he wasn’t distracted by beach time.

After he had had a nap and woken up energised and wound up again I decided to take Sam out to the pool to give Bill some quiet time (and let him cook a superb taco dinner in peace). If I hadn’t done that I think he’d still be bouncing around the house and driving us crazy as we tried to save the rental furniture and knick knacks. I was a little worried about taking him to the pool on my own but I shouldn’t have because he was very happy to come into the water with me. When he wasn’t bobbing around in the deep end with his arms around my neck I was able to sit on a lounger and watch him gently play with his beach digger on the wooden boards around the pool. I managed to tire him out too well and at half past seven he began to have a bit of a melt down and then asked us to put him to bed. “Night night time!”

Our sunset walk just climbed under the covers and started snoring!

Though we were glad the weather took a turn for the worse around then and it started to get blustery and rain. Made us feel better that we had missed out on our family sunset stroll along the beach.

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