We've been swimming in the sea!

What a perfect day!

I woke up this morning terribly confused and disorientated because it wasn’t 2 o’clock, or 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock or even half past five in the morning. It was a lovely reasonable 8 o’clock and somehow I had managed to sleep all the way through the night. No having to toss and turn to get comfortable, or get up to go to the loo every thirty minutes. No hearing Sam stir and cry out for “Mummy!” in the night. No being kept awake by baby Bea practicing tae kwan do. It was wonderful. I hope I’m not jinxing myself for tonight.

So what did we do today? We went to the beach of course!

It was a beautiful morning kicked off with a hearty pancake breakfast and followed by a scramble to slap on the sun lotion, get into our swimming costumes and make the short amble across the dunes to the seafront.

Sam was so excited to take sand digger with him. He loved to dig dig dig and play in the wet “dirt” by the edge of the ocean while Bill and I took turns going in the water or watching him. Of course, he also had a grand time coming into the sea with us and jumping the waves.

The water was glorious. Even Bill agrees and he is very picky about when he’ll go in the sea. He scoffs at us Brits who will make do with chilly temperatures.

Of course, sod’s law dictates that in the first five minutes of being in the water I spotted a jelly coming straight at us. That unnerved me a bit as we had to jump aside to avoid it. But, we went in again many times after that and didn’t see another.

Speaking of wildlife, the dolphins were out in force and you could see them jumping in the surf just a little further out than the swimmers.

We stayed out an hour or so before we began to feel the sun was getting too much and retreated to the beach side pool to desalt and cool off for a moment.

Back at the house we were already exhausted and enjoyed a nice family nap before venturing back out to the white sugar sand beach in the afternoon for round two, more of the same. We asked Sam if that was alright with him, would he like to go to the beach again? He gave Daddy a very stern “what do you think?” look and resolutely declared “YES!”

Sam made friends with a little girl on the beach and they played very nicely together for some time sharing his bucket and spade. The little girl liked to make sandcastles and then add extra sand on top to make them pointy. Sam liked these and called them rockets! He and digger would then happily bulldoze all the rockets and the little girl didn’t mind at all. She then even went on to show Sam how to jump on them and squash them flat. Sam later happily shared his new skill with Daddy and destroyed all his castles.

I was very proud of Sam when he drew the outing to a close by saying he needed to go potty. We uncertainly packed up and followed him back to the house (yes, followed, he took off to go find his potty himself) where lo and behold he did indeed present us with a ginormous poop.

Good job Sam! Thank you so much for not doing that on the beach!

Sorry for the too much information again but I really do have to record this one in more detail because he totally cracked me up with potty humour…

…I was sat watching Sam potty and making sure he didn’t wander off when he suddenly stood up half way through. He looked down into his potty, pointed and yelled “Ssssnnake!!” He grinned at me, cackled and then sat back down to finish his business!

Sam had a great day today. He is so tired out though that he was actually asking us for his blanket, to brush his teeth and to go to bed before he had even had his dinner. He barely made it through his pasta and didn’t stay up long enough for ice cream. I don’t think he has even moved from where we tucked him into bed and said night night.

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