Busy week. Very tired.

I think I just ran out of steam today. After such a relaxing holiday wiped away my aches, pains and grumbles, I was feeling really good and ready to take Sam on adventures again.

On our first morning in Cape San Blas I woke Sam up excitedly and asked him what he wanted to do that day. I expected him to say “beach!” as I’d taken him to see the sea and sand the night before and he’d been eager to get out there and play. Totally wrong. Instead our little cheeky monkey demanded to go to the zoo! “Lions…elephants…giraffes…rhinos…” he earnestly requested. Oh just typical. So when we got back to Atlanta Bill and I finished off our wonderful holiday by taking Sam to the zoo on Sunday.

Feeding time at the zoo

Hug the lizard

On Monday morning I took Sam to storytime at the library. He really seems to really enjoy going there now and although he still gets in the way a bit and won’t sit still, he is no longer too much of a handful and distraction for everyone else. Most of the time anyway.

This was followed by a brief trip to the swimming pool. Brief because everyone had to be evacuated after Connor swallowed some water and threw it, and some of his breakfast, back up into the pool. Poor Tricia. She then invited us back to her house to paddle in a toddler pool in her backyard and enjoy some air conditioning as substitute for swimming. The central air was especially nice as I think a week with a/c in Florida made me soft. I’ve really been finding our house unbearable this week. It’s been reading 85 degrees inside at times. Ugh.

Tuesday saw Sam happily splashing in the fountains at the Botanical Gardens with Linnea. After lunch back home we then headed back over to Brandie’s to play.

The giant inflatable bouncy castles at Leapin’ Lizards were given a jump test on Wednesday, followed by my visit to the doctor in the afternoon.

Oh, and how could I forget? Wednesday was almost a complete disaster when I went to put Sam in the car, was juggling Sam bag and toys, closed the front door behind me and instantly realised that I had turned the latch and just locked my keys inside the house. Gah! Not telling how I managed to resolve that one. I was too big to attempt entry via the doggy door, that’s for sure.

On Thursday Sam and I went to playgroup in East Atlanta Village before meeting Bill for lunch.

DJ Sam

After ransacking his office space we had a nice meal with Daddy across the road, then headed up to the High Museum for toddler art. Sam got to make some lovely, supposedly Impressionist inspired, pastel drawings before he got distracted and started to run around the room being a pest.

I’d once again refused to pay for parking and so parked a fair walk away from the museum. I hadn’t expected the weather to suddenly change and we got caught in a heavy shower on our way back to Perdie. Thank goodness for Daddy’s gallantry as he had handed me his raincoat before we left him at his office. By the time I got to the car I was hot, soggy, pretty exhausted and ready for a lie down when we got home.

A nap was not on the schedule though as when I put Sam in his room for a snooze the heaven’s really opened and he got freaked out by the thunderstorm. “Scary clouds! Scary clouds!” He screamed. “Naughty! Bad! Scary clouds!” He was really upset and even peed on his bedding out of fright. We had an ice cream picnic in his room while the storm continued. We talked about the rain and sang rain songs, but every time the thunder clapped he would shake, scream and grab tight hold of me again. I told him it was okay and we started yelling back at the thunder when it boomed. He liked that. Shouting “Boooom!” “Crash!” back at the storm became fun and he calmed down.

It’s really nice being able to communicate with Sam now. I love the fact that he could relay his fears about the “scary clouds” and we can begin to talk through situations together a bit more.

That evening was Girl’s Night Out and I went to meet my friends at the cinema. On my initiation we went to see Mamma Mia. Perfect Girl’s Night Out fodder. I enjoyed it, and I think Bea did too. She danced around during all the songs and tickled my insides. I must be getting old though. I normally find Julie Walters grating but I was giggling away at her antics last night.

We adjourned to Apres Diem for drinks, cake and gossip afterwards and I really enjoyed getting out with the ladies.

This morning I was supposed to meet Brandie and Tricia at the zoo at 9.30.

I woke up to the sound of Sam stirring at 9.45.


Admittedly I had been pacing around going to the loo every five minutes and unable to sleep until 4am last night though.

We had a pretty rough day today. Sam did not get the attention he deserves. Half the time I was feeling awful and just wanted to lie down and rest. The other half I was trying to make a concerted effort to straighten out the house so it wasn’t such a trainwreck for Daddy to come home to. Not a fun day for either of us. Brandie called to invite us over in the afternoon but honestly I just didn’t feel up to driving anywhere today. I was very glad when Bill came home, organised a take away Thai dinner and then looked after Sam so I could get some real rest. Hubby is awesome.

Speaking of rest, it’s about time I tried to go hit the sack again now. Night night time!

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