Question about Sam and "scary"?

Hi Briana and Amy,

I was curious as to how Sam has been involved with the scarecrow/sharecrow project so far please?

We have a pass to the Botanical Gardens and I took him there again this morning but he acted a little weird today. It took a great deal to get him to go through the doors when we got there and he kept grabbing my legs, insisting on being held and saying “scary!” We’ve enjoyed going there together many times over the summer so this was a strange reaction. He’s fine now, in fact once we were in he was great, especially once we got through to the children’s garden and he could play in the fountain.


We also went and had a special look at all the kinetic sculptures again and he seemed to take more of an interest in those this time instead of just running off and leaving me trailing him.

So, not really sure what was up with him this morning and was curious as to how he’s been in class if you’ve been using the word “scare” or “scary” with him? Usually the only time he’s really said “scary” before is during thunderstorms and then he gets upset by the “scary clouds.” (We tell him they are just being loud and then we shout back at them, seems to calm him) The other day though he also started clutching at me and saying “scary birds” for no reason apparent to me. So I’m wondering what is going through his little head! Not really concerned as such, just wondering how he’s been in class, whether he has been involved in the project so far, and if you think there is a link?

There was a big poster of a scarecrow at the Garden entrance and it caught his attention and stopped him in his tracks for a bit. I talked to him about scarecrows (and sharecrows) and what I knew about the project and he was fine and again seemed curious and interested.



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