Bea’s first visitors at the hospital were Tricia and Kelley who popped by to see us on Saturday night. It was really good to see them and gave me the incentive to get out of the hospital gown I was languishing in and freshen up before they arrived. Apart from having barely any sleep I up and about and feeling really good when they came to see Bea. Of course, Bea decided to poop up a storm just before they entered the room and so I was busy trying to clean her back up when they walked in. Once Bea was sweet smelling again Tricia got cuddles from my little girl in exchange for a packet of scrumptious chocolates and a pair of monkey slippers.

Shortly after my friends left Bill returned to the hospital with new big brother Sam. He had spent the morning playing with Linnea at Brandie’s house and I was eager to see him again and introduce him to his little sister. Sam had to go to the nurse’s station first and get a quick health check up (a little crazy as it was Bill who was definitely not feeling his best!) before he was allowed to meet baby Bea. When he did come into the room I needn’t have worried about how he was going to handle seeing Bea, the introduction went really well. Sam was very gentle and gazed at little Bea with pure wonder on his face, before he quickly got bored and found other things to entertain him…like jumping on mummy’s tummy (OW!), slurping on mummy’s ice cold water cup and frantically rocking the glider chair backward and forwards into the wall. He’s a little tornado, but when it came to baby sister he mellowed out and was quite charming.


Oh, and I asked Bill how Sam was doing without me, and sadly the answer was “just fine” and that he had given no indication that he even seemed to notice I wasn’t around. Little rotter.

I’ve already mentioned that the next day Brandie came to the hospital to visit Bea and saved me from being totally lonely and homesick, we then have to skip forward a week to Bea’s next visitation which came in the form of Granma and Granpa Allen on Friday afternoon. Bea was just under seven days old when they finally managed to make the trip from Milledgeville to Atlanta to see her and, I think, looking particularly adorable that day in one of Sam’s old tiny babygrows. This stripy suit is definitely a cute favourite of mine, and look…no pink!

Granpa and Granpa Allen with Bea

Granma and Granpa both got some good Bea time in but what was especially nice was seeing them with Sam too. Sam insisted on taking Granpa out to play with his sand and diggers for a bit, and then made a very endearing picture when, with Bagpuss and Spotty Dog in tow, he climbed up next to Granpa on the sofa, gently cosied right up to him and had a quiet moment.

Sam sits with Granpa Allen

The next day was Saturday and we were hurriedly chasing around the house trying to get two children ready for an outing to the East Atlanta Strut when a truck pulled up into the driveway. I was alerted when I heard Bill yelling at the intruder to “get off his property!” and laughed when I looked out the window and saw the offender was Bill’s brother Donnie. Donnie was on his way to a friend’s house and had dropped in to see the new family member. He also came bearing gifts for Sam and Bea. Sam got a little medic’s set, which was inspired on Donnie’s part because recently Sam has been tending to his animals when they get sick and playing doctor a lot. He immediately took to using the new little briefcase containing lots of medical equipment and no longer has to make do with using Quince’s lead as a stethoscope! Sam is one happy little doctor now and keeps trying to read Bea’s blood pressure and put a Band-Aid on Quincy.

Uncle Donnie and Baby Bea.

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