High Art.

Sam was the clothing co-ordinator for Baby Bea again this morning. When it came time to get her dressed ready to go out he pulled out this little outfit, with a matching nappy. “Purple! Purple!” he declared and clapped happily. (Yes, I know, it’s more of a dusky rose than a purple ;)) It was a little too hot for Bea to be in dungarees today, but as we’d be inside in the cool most of the time who am I to argue with the Braeburn Circle style guru?


It took us some time but eventually we were all dressed, packed, prepared and ready to leave the house, though Daddy did have to phone me to find out where we were and chivvy us along because he was hungry and getting tired of waiting for his lunch companions to appear. Sorry Bill. We did get to Midtown in the end though and when we did we enjoyed a nice meal of fish tacos (Sam and Bill), veggie quesadilla (that would be me) and milky milky (just Bea) at Fuego together. Sam was especially happy to see his Daddy in the middle of the day and was very excited in the car on the way to see him.

After our lunch we cajoled Bill into accompanying us up to the High Museum. Bill was a gentleman and pushed the Joovy Caboose with Sam and Bea safely onboard up the road for me. Bea then got transferred to the Baby Bjorn and went on a cultural tour with Daddy, while I took Sam downstairs to Toddler Thursdays to do some art. I had to check the stroller and Sam was not happy about that at all “My stroller!” he wailed as I pulled him away towards the workshop. When he realised where we were going though he soon forgot about the Caboose and tears turned to smiles as he raced off ahead of me to get to the room first.

Painting with ice

Today they had the children painting with ice. Paint with a consistency more like ink (a product called “liquid watercolours”) had been frozen in small tubs onto lollipop sticks and the toddlers were encouraged to explore painting by allowing the frozen cubes to melt onto the paper. Sam had a really good time and painted many pictures before he fell off his chair, slammed his jaw into the table and we had to beat a hasty retreat to find Bill and Baby Bea so that Daddy could kiss it better.

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