A Busy All Hallow's Eve – Part 2

Our next big social engagement was Goblins in the Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I’d already invited Granma and Granpa to join us to see all the children dressed up in costume and explore the scarecrow exhibits, three of which were created by Sam and his friends at school, and was pleasantly surprised when told that Uncle Donnie and his two children were going to come along too.

Actually, it was really discussing Sam’s hectic social schedule this week over the phone with my parents that got me really suspicious as to their plans for what would be half term week in England. They repeatedly asked me what our diary was like and I kept hoping that I wasn’t over reacting to little comments that pricked my ears and made me wonder whether they might be hiding an intended visit Stateside. I kept getting so excited and had a sinking feeling that I was going to be terribly terribly disappointed come Friday night if they didn’t appear at my door. I’m afraid I then had to fish somewhat more directly and was thrilled when they broke down and my intuition proved right. Felt bad that I had burst their surprise but oh so happy and excited that they would indeed be coming to visit. My mind had really been tormenting me with the wonder.

So, Nanna and Grandad Downes arrived in Atlanta on Friday evening and were able to accompany us to the Gardens too. Caloo Calay! I was so proud to dress Sam and Bea up in their Halloween outfits and for Nanna and Grandad to see my efforts and how adorable they looked.

It was a bizarrely hot and sunny afternoon at the Gardens so unfortunately Bea had to strip down out of her alien suit while we were there, but Sam had a wonderful time zooming around being a rocket ship. I stuck with Bea in her stroller most of the time and left Bill and super cousin Julia to play with the boy, but I’d catch glimpses of Sam as the sun struck his silver suit and sent blinding light flashing across the garden. We refused to join the long and bothersome queue for the train so Sam spent a good part of the afternoon happily chasing after it as it did laps of the Great Lawn.


It was great to see Granma, Granpa, Julia, Maxx and Donnie too. I hope they had a good afternoon. Here’s all the Allen folk admiring the Grant Park Co-operative School Sharecrows.


They are a mummy, daddy and child unit and instead of scaring the crows away they share with them. It’s been broken into by squirrels but one of the constructions has a bird seed filled heart that feeds the birds. Plastic tubes carry bird seed down to the Sharecrow’s hands.

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