Look at me!

Last Thursday, when I went into his room once again Sam greeted me with a foul smell and a sticky poopy mess in his underpants. As usual it was too much for mere wipes to deal with and I picked him up, plopped him into the bath and hosed a screaming boy down.

To placate him once he was rinsed off I poured a bubble bath and let him play in the warm water for a while:

“Look at me Mummy! I’m a frog!”

Sam is crouching in the water. “Ribbet!” He leaps and twists and slightly bangs his head on the tub.

“Oh no! Are you hurt?”

“Don’t know!” Sam sing song replies. I kiss it better anyway.



After another super visit to the zoo with Tricia and Connor on Tuesday morning I persuaded them to accompany us for lunch out at La Cantina Casita in East Atlanta Village. Sam had become very picky eating for the past few days and had been refusing to eat anything we gave him at home. I was hoping that a meal at a restaurant would help to restore his appetite as he usually eats much better when we are out and is always excited to get something different.

I ordered what I thought would be a fail safe portion of fish tacos. Of course Sam then decided that this was not his favourite food ever after all and pushed his plate away, turning his nose up at the meal. I tried to coax him to eat some beans and rice off my plate instead and again he refused to entertain me. Nothing I offered him would pass his pursed and sealed lips, and I resigned myself to paying for yet more uneaten food and worrying about how to get my normally ravenous boy to eat something again.

Sam sat next to Connor on the bench and they happily amused each other while Tricia and I ate. Then, just as the meal was almost over Sam leaned over, curled himself up on the wooden slat, and grinned as he peered up at us and said:

“Look at me Mummy! Snail!”

“Oh, Sam! Are you a snail?”


Sam curls back up again.

“Sammy the snail! Are you inside your shell?”


Sam then starts frantically scraping the bench with one hand.


“Oh, do snails dig?”


I then had a brain wave.

“That looks like hard work. You must be hungry. Would Sammy Snail like some fish taco?!”


I then proceeded to feed Sammy Snail his food and Sammy Snail decided he was actually very hungry and rather liked fish tacos again after all. He cleared his entire plate and then finished off the remains of my chimichanga!

2 Responses to Look at me!

  1. m8_atashridge November 9, 2008 at 10:46 am #

    Well done Kay.Pity snails dont poo in potties..

  2. m8_atashridge November 9, 2008 at 10:46 am #

    Well done Kay.Pity snails dont poo in potties..

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